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The Best 80 Lower Jig: Top 5 Reasons the Easy Jig Wins the Award!

Choosing an 80 lower jig to mill your 80% lower receiver can be a difficult decision. There are major considerations when choosing an 80 lower jig. This includes the tooling (drill bits) you have or are going to buy. Quality and price are another major issue. Sure, you can buy a cheap polymer jig, but how will it hold up when you accidentally ‘bump’ it? A well-made polymer jig can take that blow but why risk it? Even better the Easy Jig is an aluminum jig that is our absolute favorite AR15 jig (and AR 10 jig). Why is the Easy Jig the best 80 lower jig? 

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5 Reasons the Easy Jig is the Best 80 Lower Jig

1. Reusability

It can be used 20 times! Most jigs can be used more than once, but beyond two to four uses they are considered worn out. Jigs are not designed to last forever. They are basically disposable items. If an 80 lower jig is used too much it’s tolerances will loosen and you are more likely to create an out of spec lower receiver. The Easy Jig can be used up to 20 times before it is considered past its prime. That’s head and tails over other 80 lower jigs. It’s perfect for serious builders and for those who want the very best in 80 lower jigs.

2. Time Saver

Cuts milling time in half! The time it takes to mill a lower receiver is largely based on how skilled a builder is. However, there are general guidelines to how long it takes on average. With your everyday drill press jig, it is going to take you around 4 hours to finish a receiver. The Easy Jig 80 lower jig takes 2 hours on average to finish a lower receiver.

3. Easier

Easier to Mill! The Easy jig is different than most jigs in the fact it doesn’t use a drill press. Instead, you are using a router. A router is much easier to mill an 80 percent lower with. It’s designed to go left to right, as well as up and down. A drill press can only go up and down. Using a router is a lot easier and doesn’t require a massive set up like a drill press does. It’s simply way easier to mill with a router than a drill press.



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4. One-Stop Shop Bundles

Tooling Included! Because 80 percent lowers are made of aluminum you need special tooling to really mill one out. Using the right kind of tooling makes the router slide through a jig like butter. The Easy Jig makes things easier by simply packaging the tooling with the Easy Jig. This is going to save you money, and time since you don’t have to hunt tooling down.

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5. Router-Friendly

The Easy Jig is by far the best jig for those who want to go the router route. If you already own a drill press a standard jig may be a better choice since you already have the drill press. If you are tool free I would recommend going with the Easy Jig. Finish your 80 percent lower today with your own Easy Jig 80% Lower Jig Bundle!




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