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    Real Avid Master Cleaning Station Handgun Cleaning Kit

    Real Avid Master Cleaning Station Handgun Cleaning Kit

    When you were just starting out, whenever you'd go to clean your sidearm, a simple cloth and rod to shove down the bore, and another cloth with some gun oil on it use to be enough. Then you got yourself a brush. Then you picked up another tool and...

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  • AR-15 Build Mat

    AR-15 Build Mat

    This is the perfect cleaning and maintenance mat for your AR-15 or AR-10. The soft polyester top-layer material will protect your firearm from any scratches or damage and, as an added bonus, features a waterproof coating to keep oils and grime from being...

  • Glock® Bench Mat

    Glock® Bench Mat

    The Glock® is famous for its ruggedness and this bench mat is certainly just as rugged. It is a must have for any Glock® owner! This heavy-duty, rubber bench mat makes the perfect addition to your cleaning bench. The bench mat's oil resistant...

  • Real Avid Smart AR15 Cleaning Mat

    Real Avid Smart AR15 Cleaning Mat

    When it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and upgrades to your AR-15, you have your tool situation handled. That's a great step in the right direction. Now you need a regular and consistent place to do your work. Whether you choose the work bench out in...

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    Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Handgun Cleaning Kit Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Handgun Cleaning Kit

    Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Handgun Cleaning Kit

    Clean it like you mean it. Your sidearm, especially its internals will get dirty. Bullet powder explodes and leaves black grime behind. If this happens enough, eventually it'll be hard to clean off with a normal cleaning. You'll need to scrub the hell...

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Keep your rifles and pistols properly clean.

And don't spent an arm and a leg doing it. We're compiled a set of cleaning supplies necessary for swabbing your bores, wiping down all that carbon fouling, oiling your triggers and actions, and keeping your AR-type rifle, pistol, or handgun ready for service. Grab one of our Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kits and keep your rifling sharp and shiny. Need to perform some gunsmithing work? Grab the Wheeler AR Armorers Essentials Kit. It includes an AR vise block, gunsmithing wrench with attachments, torque bar for setting barrel nuts and screws, and just about every other fixture required for breaking down and assembling a black rifle.

The Best Bore Snake is Here

A bore snake is one of the most effective, easiest ways to clean your AR's barrel and chamber. We've partnered with Real Avid, a major gun cleaning maker, to provide their take on the typical AR-15 boresnake: The Real Avid Bore Cleaning System, available for .223/5.56 barrels and 9mm barrels (for you AR9 owners), provides an improved bore snake with a thick, braided mop, single-piece cable, and a roll-up storage system in one unit. The thinner cable behind the mop makes snaking the barrel easier, and the roll-up container doubles as a hand grip for better leverage.

Don't like cleaning rods or regular bore snakes? Grab the Breakthrough Clean Flexible Cleaning Cable! It combines the easy use of a snake with the universal, screw-on attachments of a rod on both. Thread your favorite brush or swab and a T-handle, and you can snake any barrel with any cleaning tip from your current cleaning rod kit.

Grab a Full Gun Cleaning Kit!

Modern rifles like the AR-15 sport advanced barrel coatings and treatments (phosphate, chrome lining, nitride, and other protective, hardened finishes) that generally do a great job of protecting your AR's parts and barrel from wear over time. However, the AR platform utilizes a direct-impingement gas system. The drawback to this light n' fast semiautomatic cycling system is that it creates a lot of carbon fouling: Debris that clogs up bolt carriers, makes the rifling in your barrel nasty, and generally coats your upper and lower receivers in corrosive chemicals.

Grabbing the proper cleaning and disassembly tools for your AR-15 is the only way to ensure your custom build is kept in a good, serviceable condition - not pitted or ruined prematurely from all those days at the range or in the field.

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