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Lightweight, ergonomic charging handles for your AR rifle or pistol.

Don't skimp out on the little details. Your AR build is made or broken by ounces and inches. That's why we offer up ultralight, ergonomic charging handles made from billet aluminum, with tough coatings and easy-to-grab latches. We don't believe in charging an arm or leg so you can use your fingers, either. That's why our handles only cost a couple o' bucks, yet they still provide reliability and comfort.

"Why an oversized charge handle?"

Bigger is better, at least in this case. The AR's charging handle isn't located in the best spot on the receiver. That's especially true if you're rocking an optic or large red top near the rear of your upper assembly, which can get in the way of grabbing the latches on your handle. And if you're a lefty, it can get even worse. An oversized charging handle (like our affordable tactical handle) provides more room for you to charge the bolt. Simple.

Made from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

Our charging handles are made from the same high-quality billet aluminum you'll find in our Premium Billet 80% lowers and custom, lightweight handguards. We like aluminum more than polymer and steel because it provides the same lightweight properties and strength, minus the risk of corrosion steel can suffer, and the deformation and damage polymer can take when subjected to extreme heat or force. Our handles are precision-manufactured in the USA and coated with mil-spec Type III Hardcoat Anodizing. They'll match perfectly with your existing upper, lower, buffer tube, and handguard's mil-spec coatings.

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