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  • Magpul MOE® AR15/M4 Grip

    Magpul® MOE® AR15/M4 Grip

    Let's face it. The AR-15 for how amazingly modular it is and how it can adapt to any situation, falls short in one key area: the grip is bad. It doesn't care if you're comfortable holding it or not. Not to mention the angle is horrible. The way an AR's...

  • UTG® AR15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip

    UTG® AR15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip

    The UTG® AR15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip includes a non-slip texture, palm swell, and thumb rest for maximum comfort and stability. The grip angle offers easy accessibility to the trigger along with increasing shooting performance and accuracy...

  • Magpul MOE+® Grip – AR15/M4

    Magpul® MOE+® Grip - AR15/M4

    The Magpul MOE+ Grip has a reinforced rubber mold wrapping around the polymer body, allowing for maximum comfort and weapon control. The durable material prevents snags and damage, permitting peak performance in rugged environments. The MOE+ Grip...

  • Leapers, Inc. - UTG, UTG PRO, Ambidextrous Grip Leapers, Inc. - UTG, UTG PRO, Ambidextrous Grip Leapers, Inc. - UTG, UTG PRO, Ambidextrous Grip Leapers, Inc. - UTG, UTG PRO, Ambidextrous Grip

    UTG PRO Ambidextrous Grip by Leapers, Inc.

    Get more out of your AR-15's grip, and get it to do more for you. This is the UTG PRO Ambidextrous Grip by Leapers Inc. Aside from polymer construction, it's been molded with excellent ergonomics to reduce fatigue, and so you can really get an...

  • Ergo Grip, Tactical Deluxe SureGrip for AR-15/M-16

    Ergo Grip Tactical Deluxe SureGrip for AR-15/M-16

    If you're like the rest of us, you find the mil-spec A2 grip that came standard on your AR severely lacking in the area of comfort. Its hard plastic never really gets comfortable, and its angle and texture don't stop your from getting fatigue, especially...

  • Magpul® MOE+® AR15/M4 Grip Magpul® MOE+® AR15/M4 Grip Magpul® MOE+® AR15/M4 Grip

    Magpul® MOE+® AR15/M4 Grip

    Magpul® has built quite a name for themselves over the years with their aftermarket AR platform furniture and add-ons. Take their MOE® grip for your AR. It feels great, the grip angle is miles ahead of the standard A2 grip your AR probably came...

  • Ergo Grip Sure Grip for AR-15/M16 Ergo Grip Sure Grip for AR-15/M16

    Ergo Grip Sure Grip for AR-15/M-16

    If you're someone who frequently uses your AR for long durations, then comfort is paramount. You need to reduce fatigue in your grip hand however possible. With that in mind, Ergo Grip gives your their Sure Grip for AR-15/M-16. First, it's shaped and...

  • Magpul MOE-K2® Grip – AR15/M4 Magpul MOE-K2® Grip – AR15/M4-2

    Magpul® MOE-K2® Grip - AR15/M4

    The Magpul MOE-K2 Grip offers a full size design that has a steeper vertical grip angle compared to the previous model, the MOE-K. With a steeper vertical grip angle allowing the shooter's hand to be positioned closer to the body, aggressive TSP texture,...

  • Magpul MOE-K2+® Grip – AR15/M4 Magpul MOE-K2+® Grip – AR15/M4-2

    Magpul® MOE-K2+® Grip - AR15/M4

    The Magpul MOE-K2+ Grip has a durable rubber mold wrapping around the hard polymer body, preventing snags and damage, which allows this grip to outlast in rugged environments. The MOE-K2+ offers a steeper vertical grip angle allowing the shooter's hand...

  • Spike's Tactical Pro Grip Spike's Tactical Pro Grip-2

    Spike's Tactical Pro Grip

    Replace that mil-spec uncomfortable grip on your AR with the Pro Grip by Spike's Tactical. It has an ergonomically correct feel and has been shaped and contoured to fit your hand's natural grip, to make your hand and your rifle fit together like they're...

  • Magpul MIAD Mission Adaptable Grip Magpul MIAD Mission Adaptable Grip

    Magpul® MIAD Mission Adaptable Grip

    Got a preference for how you think an AR grip should feel? Yeah, anything but the original mil-spec grip, right? We hear ya. Fortunately, Magpul heard ya too. That's why they have the MIAD, the Mission Adaptable grip for your AR. It's just as great as...

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Upgrade your AR's pistol grip for better accuracy and control.

Let's face it, the stock grip angle on the grips found in virtually all mil-spec parts kits isn't the most comfortable. It's an incredibly simple, cost-effective upgrade to swap out that stock grip for something like the Magpul MOE, MOE+ or Magpul-K2 grips, each of which provide a more ergonomic angle that fits your wrist. These grips even include built-in storage compartments for an extra set of batteries for your optic, or a small cleaning kit.

AR-15 Pistol Grips from Magpul, UTG & more

Companies like Magpul, UTG, and Ergo Grip know how to make improvements when it comes to AR furniture. Their grips are designed to affordably enhance accuracy. Each grip is compatible with all retail-bought stripped AR-type lower receivers, as well as our various AR 80% lowers.

AR Grips Are Compatible With All Receivers

All AR-15 grips are compatible with all available AR-type lower receivers. That includes our own 80% lowers chambered in 5.56, .308, and 9mm, and other stripped lower receivers you may find elsewhere.

Easy Installs (No Special Tools Required)

Swapping out your factory pistol grip is incredibly simple. Most "OEM" grips utilize a simple hex-head bolt and crush washer, which can be easily removed and replaced with a simple Allen wrench. All the grips we sell include new mounting hardware with simple instructions from Magpul. No modification of your lower receiver is required to install a new pistol grip. Starting a new AR build? Grab a lower parts kit and an upgraded grip - it's easiest to just throw on that upgrade during your initial lower assembly process.

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