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Push 9mm Parabellum's accuracy and distance to the limit with a 9mm Rifle Kit.

The 9mm cartridge was developed for traditional handguns: It only needs a barrel measuring 3" to 5" to provide adequate power and range. But if you load 9mm into the AR-type rifle and send it downrange through 16" of quality MOA-capable rifling, you're going to enjoy some serious accuracy out of a round you once thought was useless beyond 50 meters. Unlike many blowback pistol rounds, the 9mm will continue to build velocity -- even in a barrel measuring up to 18". In fact, you can achieve serious speed with a 16" barrel: Around 1,400 to 1,700 FPS or more with a 90-grain to 115-grain load.

Why Build a 9mm AR Rifle?

Why not? This is one of the only cartridges capable of providing semiautomatic fire in the AR platform without any gas block or gas tube. The longer the barrel, the heavier the gas system. Sticking with 9mm, you get to ditch all that weight and mess. Plus, a 16"-barreled 9mm AR provides plenty of wiggle room to load supersonic or heavy subsonic loads, achieving supreme accuracy with either. Grab some of that popular, ultra-dense Federal 150-grain, slap a suppressor on the muzzle (with your NFA tax stamp, of course) and you've got a heavy hitter that's quiet and incredibly accurate. Think of it like a lighter, flatter-shooting 300 BLK subsonic, but with less kick and no finicky gas system.

Want to learn more? This guide compares 9mm and 300 BLK.

9mm Rifle Kit Specs

  • All barrels are forged from MIL-B-11595 E steel (4150 or Chromoly Vanadium)
  • All stainless barrels forged from Crucible 416R steel, offering sub-MOA accuracy
  • All BCGs are M16 in profile with chrome lining and properly staked gas keys
  • All stripped upper receivers forged from mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum
  • All buffer assemblies and lower parts kits are mil-spec in fit and finish
  • All barreled uppers are test-fired to ensure proper assembly

AR9 Rifle Kit: What's Included

All barreled 9mm uppers are preassembled and ready to fire out of the box. Each kit also includes the requisite lower parts kit to assemble a stripped lower receiver (sold separately) in order to complete your build. Each kit includes the following:

  • 16” 9mm AR barrel with threaded muzzle device
  • 9mm-specific AR-type upper receiver (assembled)
  • G-9 Hybrid 9mm bolt carrier w/ handle
  • Mil-spec lower parts kit w/ grip
  • Magpul MOE or M4-type stock
  • Buffer tube and 9mm recoil spring
  • 9mm Buffer, latch plate, castle nut

Execute the right to bear arms today. Your 9mm AR build awaits you.

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