Magpul Flip-Up Sight - Front



MagPul has been a staple among weapon owners for years, and these MagPul AR-15 Front Flip-Up Sights are following that tradition of high-quality products. These MBUS sights will easily fit onto most AR-15 or M16 Picatinny rail platforms. These Flip-Up Sights are easy to adjust while zeroing in your weapon, with the elevation adjustment tool, fixing your mark has never been easier. These MBUS sights come with a few great features to note:

Magpul Front Flip-Up Sight Features:

  • Reduced Size
  • Fits most 1913 Picatinny Rail Systems
  • Greater Optics Compatibility
  • Folding Polymer
  • Spring-Locking Post
  • Elevation Adjustment Tool (Included)

With everything MagPul always has to offer, finding the right and perfect backup sight for your AR-15 has never been more convenient or easy. This MagPul AR-15 Front Flip-Up Sight comes in a high quality and durable polymer. Easily deployed by simply pressing down on the top or either side lever, and it will spring up and lock into place. MagPul outdid themselves with the production of this Gen 2 sight, by making it a slimmer version, width wise, making it a greater and easier optics compatibility. Any operator cannot go wrong with these backup MagPul sights.

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

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