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    PSA 9MM SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Assembly Kit 1 PSA 9MM SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Assembly Kit 2 PSA 9MM SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Assembly Kit 3 PSA 9MM SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Assembly Kit 4 PSA 9MM SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Assembly Kit 5

    PSA 9MM SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Assembly Kit

    Why waste time choosing each part for your AR9's lower? This lower build kit includes all the parts you need to assemble your fabricated AR9 80% lower or retail-bought 9mm stripped lower. Note: Due to ATF rule 2021R-08F, any pistol with a stabilizing...

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  • Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 2 Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 3 Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 9 Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 6

    Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Lower Build Kit

    Once you've grabbed a stripped lower or 80% lower (sold separately) you'll need a parts kit like this one. It provides the internals for your receiver, making it functional. In addition to its mil-spec parts, this kit includes upgraded Magpul®...

  • MOE+® EPT SBA3 Lower Build KIt

    MOE+® EPT SBA3 Lower Build KIt

    If you want to build AR-15 pistol, you'll want the MOE+® EPT SBA3 Lower Build Kit. It's got everything you need to finish the lower receiver. This kit includes a Magpul® MOE+® grip and MOE® trigger guard, plus a lower parts kit with a...

  • PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Assembly Kit 1 PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Assembly Kit 2 PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Assembly Kit 3 PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Assembly Kit 4 PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Assembly Kit 5

    PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Build Kit

    Whether you're getting your stripped lower receiver ready to build an AR-15 pistol or just want to change things up and convert your SBR into a pistol, we've got just the kit for you. With the all-inclusive SBA3 lower assembly, you'll receive parts from...

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Quality, mil-spec AR-15 Rifle and Pistol lower build kits.

 What good's that shiny new upper you bought for your AR build, if it doesn't have a quality lower build kit to finish off the other half? Instead of guessing which parts to grab - the lower parts kit, the right buffer, a good pistol grip, and everything else - just grab it all n' go with one click. Our lower build kit options include all parts required to outfit a barreled upper assembly, turning it into a ready-to-roll AR rifle or pistol build.

What's in a Lower Build Kit?

Just about everything you need (minus some basic gunsmithing tools, like a castle nut wrench and roll pin punches) to build out the bottom half of your AR's two assemblies. A lower build kit includes the following components, which are all you need to make an upper receiver function with a magazine, trigger, and buttstock and/or buffer tube (if building a pistol):

  • Lower Parts Kit (fire controls, pins, and springs)
  • Standard pistol grip with screw and crush washer
  • Mil-spec Carbine buffer tube (works with rifles and pistols)
  • Mil-spec buffer and recoil spring (buffer weight depends on caliber)
  • Forged or billet 80% lower receiver (requires an 80% jig to fabricate)

Lower parts kit install instructions available.

A: What does "mil-spec" mean?

A: That means the parts included in your Lower Build Kit are fabricated to a universal standard of fitment for the AR platform. Over 95% of AR parts on the market (including receivers, buffers, and buffer tubes) are "mil-spec" in their fit and finish. The mil-spec identifiers here mean your buffer is made to fit in the most commonly sized buffer tube (diameter of 1.148") which is also included with each kit. These mil-spec tubes and parts fit virtually all upper and lower receivers, including all our 80% lowers. Here's a more detailed guide covering it all.

Q: What else do I need to build an AR?

A: The lower build kits you see here allow you to complete an entire lower receiver assembly. Once you have a lower assembly with a functional receiver and trigger installed, you only need a barreled upper assembly with a bolt carrier group and charging handle. To make things even easier, we have complete build kits that include what you see here, plus an upper assembly. Want to build a custom AR piece by piece? Check out all our available AR parts. We have bolt carriers, handguards, stripped upper receivers, custom charging handles, and more. 

Available in 5.56/.223, 9mm, .308 and more

No matter what type of upper assembly and caliber you chose to chamber, we have compatible lower build kits. The Classic Kit is perfect for completing a mil-spec 5.56 NATO, .223 Remington, 300 Blackout, or even a 6.5 Grendel build. All parts contained in this kit work with all those uppers and calibers!

Building a .308 AR? Grab this Lower Build Kit, which includes a billet .308 80% lower. And finally, for those building a 9mm AR (AR9), we've got you covered with this 9mm Lower Build Kit. It includes the appropriate buffer assembly and a 9mm 80% lower with the correct ejector.

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