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1911 Frame

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1911 Frame

A 1911 frame is the backbone of any 1911 build. If you are looking to build yourself a custom 1911 from the ground-up, choosing the exact 1911 frame that suits your needs is paramount. A fully-built, fully-functional 1911 firearm is a beautiful piece of American craftsmanship. Selecting a 1911 frame for the beautiful build takes some consideration. The 1911 frames that are available are our website are what is called “80% percent complete”. By definition, that simply means that the 1911 frames on are not fully completed and required some additional millwork to be performed by the builder.

On the surface, this may sound like unnecessary work when you can buy a “100% complete frame”, but there are several benefits to the builder for opting for the “80 percent complete” 1911 frame. The benefits to the builder are that since an 80 percent complete frame isn’t technically completed, it is not technically considered a firearm. Since the 80% 1911 frame is not technically considered a firearm, the builder does not need any paperwork or FFL transfer to buy the frame.

Furthermore, when your gun loving buddies are talking about a firearm they purchased, you can show them what you built! The satisfaction and intimate knowledge that comes from building your 1911 are difficult to express in writing and something that should most certainly be experienced.


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