Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit



Looking for a cleaning kit with the right tools to get started cleaning your AR for an exceptional value? This Bootsteady Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit is the one for you!

A great kit for the gun range to do a quick repair or for quick cleanings. Everything you need to clean your .223/5.56 and at a reasonable price. 

Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit Includes:

2 - .223 cal Brass Brush
The bore brush is a standard brass brush.
Size: .223 cal brass brush

2 - .223 cal Chamber Brush
The chamber brush has stainless steel bristles for the locking lug area with brass bristles for the chamber.
Size: 223 cal chamber brush.

1 - Double End Mini Nylon Brush
The double-end nylon brush for trigger mechanisms and action areas

1- Rod
Rod is made of durable brass.
Thicker than a plastic rod and quite solid.
5 section brass cleaning rod is 33’’ length total, long enough to clear the barrel.

1 - Patch Holder

50 - Clean Patches
The patches were precut and fit easily in the gun's tight areas.
Fits tight down barrels without sticking

Brass Slotted Tip
Slotted tip available to use with your cleaning cloths

1 Metal Cleaning Pick
The stainless steel pick is great tool to remove the harmful materials from your gun.
To keep your firearms performing at their best.

1 * Zippered Compact Padded Pouch -
No need to dig through your bag to find your cleaning equipment. This zipper pouch keep everything organized.

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

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