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Now Carrying Tactical Rifle Cases

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Early in 2016, our store owners put their heads together and started mapping out what new products were going to be added to the website. From their own research and recommendations from past customers, a plan was set into action.

We are happy to announce that we now carry an incredibly heavy-duty Tactical Rifle Case. The addition of the rifle case stemmed from our thought-process that it was irresponsible to sell products that ‘allowed’ builders to build their own custom AR-15s without offering a complimentary product that kept their build safe from not only intruders – but their beloved family members as well. Sure, it’s easy to store handguns and magazines in a standard safe, but the sheer size of an AR-15 and the enormous cost of a safe big enough to store the rifles led us to add a rifle case that protects the rifle on the inside and also from unwelcomed guests on the outside!

Tactical Rifle Case Features:

The features of our new Tactical Rifle Case are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 43”X13”X5” Interior
  • Watertight & Airtight Seal
  • Built-in Pressure-Relief Valves
  • Five (5) Secure Draw Down Latches
  • Heavy-Duty Carrying Handle
  • Secure Lock-and-Key Locks (comes with 2 keys)
  • Pre-Scored Foam Inserts 

Made from the toughest polymer possible, it’s rugged construction allows for an airtight and watertight seal giving your custom builds protection under even the most extreme conditions. Even more so, the the pre-scored foam inserts allow the owner to “pick” out the perfect shape for their rifle(s), AR-15 magazines, rifle scopes, and whatever accessories they want to keep safeguarded under lock-and-key.

Photo: One of the two locks that come built into the rifle case. 

Photo: Customize the foam inserts to fit your needs. 

This all weather Tactical Rifle Case is a must have for any rifle owner who needs to keep their rifle safe to keep their family safe! At a bargain of only $99.95, you get the peace-of-mind for less than 100 bucks. Get yours today!

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