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6 AR 15 Parts to Upgrade Your AR Pistol Build

The best AR 15 parts to include on any AR 15 pistol should not just make your pistol unique, but it should improve the pistol’s function. Building an AR 15 pistol is a lot like building an AR 15 rifle. Meaning you can go a lot of different ways to get the perfect pistol for you. AR 15 pistols are almost as customizable as AR 15 rifles. The big difference being the lack of a stock to customize. Here are a few of the best AR 15 parts on the market for AR pistols and what they can do for you.

1. Shockwave Pistol Brace

AR-15 pistol build

Stabilize It: Because AR 15 pistols lack stocks you lose a bit of the stability necessary to accurately shoot them. Being stable is one of the keys to accurate target engagement. There are two AR 15 parts that will aid in stability when firing an AR pistol.

In our AR pistol kits, we include the Shockwave pistol brace. This brace is used to brace the pistol against the forearm for greater stabilization. This simply attachment is included with all our pistol kits because it’s such a simple, but effective way to stabilize your AR 15 pistol.

2. Magpul Angled Foregrip

Magpul Angled Forgrip - blog image

Even More Stability: Next, the Magpul Angled grip V2 is a modified Angled fore grip that is designed for increased stability. It’s makes handling the weapon easier and provides a more stable platform for shooting your AR pistol. Angled foregrips are legal to attach to an AR pistol, unlike vertical foregrips.

3. Quality Upper Receiver

AR-15 Pistol Upper Assembly - blog image

A High-Quality Upper: A high modern and high-quality pistol upper receiver with make utilizing your AR 15 pistol a lot easier. Reason being is if you want to attach any accessories to your AR pistol you’ll need an upper that can be customized. A good pistol upper will have a flat top upper receiver and some form of rail system. This allows the mounting of grips, sights, optics, and even flashlights and lasers.

4. AR 15 Magazines

Good Magazines: If here is one group AR 15 parts that will aid in the reliability of your firearm then it’s good magazines. High-quality magazines are critical to reliable feeding in any mag fed weapon. Our choice is Magpul Gen 2 and Gen 3 magazines. These magazines come in 30 and 10 round variations, in multiple colors, and window and windowless models.

5. Rifle Sling

Sling It: A good sling allows you to keep your pistol attached to your body. A single point sling is perfect for an AR 15 pistol for a variety of reasons. A good single point sling will allow you to use the SAS style shooting method. This method is designed for stockless rifles. Simply attach the sling over your body and attach it to the gun. Push the weapon as far out as possible. The tension from the sling will create a tight and stable firing position.

6. Flip-up Sights

Sights: One AR 15 part every AR should have is a solid set of sights. Magpul flip up sights are lightweight and compact. They can be folded down and out of the way for easier storage and to use optics unobstructed. These are a tough and affordable option for your AR 15 pistol.


Customization is half the fun of owning an AR 15 pistol. Just a few different AR 15 pistols can change how functional and reliable an AR can be. The first step to upgrading your AR 15 pistol is to build one! Get started at – the home of 24/7 support, lifetime guarantees, American made AR 15 parts and full AR 15 build kits!

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