Rifle Kits

Rifle Kits

Our 80% AR 15 Kits are designed and packaged for you to get everything you need to build your own custom AR-15 from the ground up! These kits are also one of the most cost effective and budget-friendly ways to either start your arsenal or add to it!

An AR 15 Kit unique because it comes with an 80% lower receiver. Therefore, the kit does not requires serialization or an FFL transfer since, by definition of the law, an 80% lower receiver is not classified as a “firearm” until the builder mills out the remaining 20% of the lower using an 80% lower jig. A build kit is the easiest and most cost-effective route for you to build a custom AR-15 without having to serialize your firearm (although recommended) or register it with the government (also "recommended").

Like everything in our store, all of the components of our 80% AR 15 Kits are made by hard-working Americans - right here on US soil. Why drive to big box store or buy a completed AR-15 that requires an FFL transfer and serialization when you can build it yourself?


80% Lower Receiver
- AR-15 Upper Assembly
- MilSpec Lower Parts Kit
- Buttstock
- Bolt carrier group

Your build awaits you.

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