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Polymer 80

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Polymer 80

We’re excited to offer up new Polymer 80 lowers and Glock kits! These ultra-light lowers are the perfect solution for building your next AR-15 rifle or pistol. Some of the best gunsmiths and engineers designed these lowers to ensure they’re capable of handling thousands of rounds of 5.56 and .223, or .308 without failure.

Polymer lowers are now available for AR-15 and LR-308 builds – pick yours up in traditional Black or Flat Dark Earth. Every lower includes its own 80 lower jig and tooling, too! These lowers are compatible with a standard Lower Parts Kit and all AR-15 uppers.

Benefits of Picking a Polymer 80 Lower

  • No FFL is required for purchase
  • Available in 5.56/.223 or DPMS .308
  • 100% legal to build in all 50 states!
  • Ultra-light, weighing around 0.3 pounds
  • Compatible with standard AR-15 parts
  • Made of weapons-grade polymer
  • Each lower includes its own jig and tooling!
  • Polymer is the most affordable 80 lower
  • Quick shipping to your front door

Polymer 80 Glock Kits

Interested in building your first handgun at home? We’ve got you covered with new Polymer 80 Glock kits, too! Every kit is manufactured with the same material and specifications as any O.G. Glock rolling out of Austria’s factory.

Every kit is compatible with Glock Gen 3 components of the same caliber, too! Polymer 80 Glock kits are available for the Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31 (.357 Sig), 34, and 35 series.

Each Glock frame includes a stainless steel locking block rail system (LBRS) and stainless drop-in rear rail module (RRM). All kits also include the requisite 80% jig and tooling!

Why a Polymer 80 Glock?

  • No FFL required to buy, own, or build!
  • Compatible with Glock Gen 3 components
  • Made from weapons-grade Polymer
  • Double under-cut trigger guard
  • Extended beavertail for better control
  • Stainless Locking Block Rail System
  • Stainless Rear Rail Module
  • Includes its own jig and tooling!

These kits are some of the most affordable, and the easiest to build. If you’re a first-time builder or amateur gunsmith, Polymer kits are the perfect starter. Questions about buying, shipping, or building? Simply give us a call!


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