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AR 15 Stocks

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AR 15 Stocks

If the rifle makes the shooter, then comfort from AR 15 Stocks is key. You’d think the “thing that shoulders your rifle” would be a simple non-factor in the equation of the perfect black rifle – you’d be wrong. The AR 15 was meant to be intuitive and quick, whether standing, sitting, or prone. Our AR 15 Stocks help ensure you’re getting the right high-ready stance and cheek weld to make every shot count.

With so many AR 15 Stocks to choose from, it can get a little confusing. Do you need a fixed stock or adjustable? Low profile or high-rise? AR 15 Stocks should fit the shooter, not the other way around, so take a look and carefully consider what’s best for you.

If you’re doing a bit of 3-gun competition shooting, consider a small, simple, out-of-the-way option, like our Magpul AR 15 Stocks. If you want to go full USGI and create your own “M4gery”, take a peek at our simple, adjustable carbine AR 15 stocks and buffer tube assembly. If you are looking for a rock solid stance at the bench, consider our fixed options. We only carry AR 15 Stocks that fit Mil-Spec (diameter 1.148”) receivers.

AR 15 Stocks Features:

– 100% Mil-Spec
– Increased Shooting Accuracy
Made in the USA

Your build awaits you.


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