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Ghost Ultimate 3.5 lb Connector For Glocks® - Gen 1-5

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For those of us who get down and dirty with our double-stack Glock® compatible pistols, we have to take extra care of our sidearms, lest we have to spend more time cleaning the crap out of 'em after a good training session or duty. Too much debris inside, too much filth and grime build-up, and your trigger can start feeling the effects with poor performance.

That's why there's the Ghost Ultimate 3.5 lb Connector for Glocks®, gen 1 through 5. The Ghost Ultimate keeps your trigger action reliable with its unique design and generally improves its performance. The holes cut into it reduce friction, thereby keeping your trigger pulls smooth and consistent. The holes also channel dirt and debris away from your trigger's action. The Ghost Ultimate reduces your trigger's pull weight too, to just 3.5 lbs. And finally, the Ghost Ultimate is polished to keep your trigger giving you even smoother pulls. See below for more info.

Please note: the Ghost Ultimate 3.5 lb Connector for Glocks®, gen 1-5 will only fit in double-stack models. It cannot replace the connector in 42, 43, 43X, or 48 models.


  • More reliable than OEM trigger connectors
  • Holes lessen friction for smoother trigger pulls and remove debris
  • Reduces trigger pull weight to just 3.5 lbs
  • Precision polishing keeps trigger pulls light and smooth

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