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5.56 AR Pistol Kit (7" Barrel & MOE Mauruder Handguard) with 80% Lower
$949.95 $749.95 (You save $200.00)
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5.56 AR Pistol Build Kit Specs:

Hand-guard Type: MOE
Chamber: 5.56
Twist Rate: 1:7
Rail Length: N/A
Barrel Length: 7"
Barrel Steel: Chrome Moly
Barrel Finish: Nitride
Barrel Profile: N/A
Muzzle Device: Patented Muzzle Device

And now for something totally different! 7” 5.56 NATO chambered AR pistol build? Check. Fitted with boring A2 style furniture and muzzle brake? Nope and nope again. Instead, this upper is fitted with a state of the art Magpul MOE M-Lok compatible polymer handguard and a unique patent pending muzzle device. Dare to be different with this compact and handy build! Make range time great again and enjoy this strikingly different pistol build kit built with an accuracy enhancing nitrided barrel.

The AR pistol world is awash with look alike guns, and it can be a real struggle to find something different and exciting, but we think this is one of those builds. From the lightweight poly handguard, to the unique muzzle device, everything about this build kit telegraphs how unique it really is. Add your favorite sights or optic, and try out something new.

5.56 AR Pistol Build Kit Specs (Expanded):

Barrel: 7", 5.56 chambered barrel comes complete with a Patented Muzzle Device.

Upper Receiver: This US made upper receiver is carefully forged from 7056- T6 aluminum, and finished with a durable hard black anodized finish. Built with standard M4 feed ramps and T-marked on the top rail.

Bolt Carrier Group: Made of 8620 steel, this chrome line, phosphate coated bolt is mil-spec shot peened for optimal hardness. The Carpenter 158 steel bolt carrier comes complete with extractor spring and O-ring insert. This high pressure tested full auto-style bolt carrier is built for extreme duty operations.

80% Lower Receiver: Formed from a 7075-T6 aluminum forging, our FIRE/SAFE marked black anodized and forged 80% lower is a perfect match for our upper receiver assembly. This 80% lower only needs machined for the trigger pocket, and fire control group.

AR-15 Lower Parts Kit: The MagPul MOE lower kit gives you everything you need to complete your lower assembly, including safety, pivot pin, ultra slick nickel finished trigger group, standard latch plate and the unbelievably comfortable MagPul MOE pistol grip.

Lower Assembly: Our Shockwave Pistol Lower Build Kit includes the cutting edge, accuracy enhancing Shockwave Blade stabilizer and Shockwave tube designed around the unique needs of AR-15 pistol builds.

Charging Handle: Made from durable T6061 aluminum, our charging handle is built for rugged reliable performance.

Please note: The AR-15 Pistol Build Kit only requires that you complete the 80% lower yourself. This is the best part, and allows you to enjoy the challenges and rewards of making your own personal lower at home at your own pace.

It is your responsibility to fully understand all applicable laws and regulations regarding purchase and ownership of uppers with a barrel length of less than 16".

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5.56 AR Pistol Kit (7" Barrel & MOE Mauruder Handguard) with 80% Lower

$949.95 $749.95 (You save $200.00)
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Free Shipping on all orders $250+!