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Forged Lower Receiver

Forged Lower Receiver

The 80% lower receiver is a beautiful thing; it maintains the custom integrity of your AR-15 build, gives you an excuse to bust out the drill and keeps your arsenal off Uncle Sam’s radar. A forged 80% lower receiver is still, by definition of the law, not considered a firearm so there is no FFL required at any point of the buying process. An 80% lower receiver officially becomes classified as a firearm when it is 100% complete. By design, the 80% lower requires you to mill the last 20% of the fire control pocket with the assistance of an 80% lower jig. Therefore, we can ship it right to your doorstep with no FFL or serialization.

A forged 80% lower is commonly perceived to be stronger than a polymer lower because it begins as a piece of aerospace-grade 7075 or 6061 aluminum alloy that is pounded into shape. After the forging process is complete, our forged lowers are then machined to mil-spec tolerances so you seamlessly and easily add mil-spec parts from different manufacturers. The addition or use of a forged 80% lower receiver can quickly elevate the quality of your custom AR-15 build. All of our forged 80% lower receivers, like the rest of our products, are made right here in the USA.

Benefits of a Forged 80% Lower Receiver:

- No FFL required
- No serialization required
- Minimal technical skills required to complete
- Maintains the custom integrity of your build
- Corrosion-resistant aluminum
- Manufactured from 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy
- CNC machined to Mil-Spec standards
- Made in the USA

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