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AR 15 80 Percent Lower

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AR 15 80 Percent Lower

The AR 15 80 percent lower is, simply put, the most convenient and red tape-free way of becoming a round black rifle owner. Whether you’re interested in building your first rifle or pistol, your AR 15 80 percent lower will serve as the universal foundation for your entire project. Each Ar 15 80 percent lower we offer is built from quality billet, 6061 T6 aluminum or forged, 7075 T6 aluminum – all mil-spec and finished in a standard phosphate finish.

What’s more, every AR 15 80 percent lower we sell – billet or forged – is not considered a firearm under federal or state laws! Until you complete the last 20% of machining required to make it functional, your AR 15 80 percent lower is nothing more than a piece of metal alloy. That means it’s 100% legal to buy online and have it shipped to your front door.

No what else that means? There’s no bureaucratic paperwork to deal with. No FFL transfers, no FFL fees, no PICS checks, no waiting in line, no 5- or 10- or whatever-day period. Your AR 15 80 percent lower is 100% legal to own and build without the regulatory hurdles. Finishing your AR 15 80 percent lower is easy, too! All you need is an 80% lower jig and a router from your local hardware store. The jig includes the bits and tools you need!

Why an AR 15 80 Percent Lower Rocks:

  • 100% legal to ship to your front door
  • 100% legal to own and build in all 50 states
  • Requires ZERO FFL paperwork or transfers
  • NO waiting periods, regardless of state laws
  • Can be used to build an AR pistol or rifle!
  • Requires just a bit of basic machining – no experience needed!
  • 80 lower jig kits take out all the guesswork


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