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308 & AR10 80 Lower

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308 & AR10 80 Lower

The  AR10 80 Lower (commonly referred to as a “.308 80% Lower”) is a step-up from the AR-15 platform in regards to the caliber size – .308 or NATO 7.62 rounds. The AR10 80 lower is the big brother of the AR-15 and packs a bigger punch while allowing AR-builders to diversify their arsenal.

The 80% lower is a foundational piece of any custom AR10 or 308 build. The .308 or AR10 80 lower itself is the key to building not only a custom rifle, but also thee route to build a rifle WITHOUT an FFL (Federal Firearm License) transfer or paperwork, in general. According to the definition of the law, the 80% lower is not considered a firearm since it is only partially complete. The 80% lower requires the builder to finish the last 20% of millwork resulting in a 100% completed lower receiver. This is accomplished with the help of an AR10 Jig – providing the builder with templates, depth guides, sidewalls, etc. as a fool-proof completion method.

There are countless manufacturers of .308 or AR10 80 lowers on the market today. Since the AR10 is NOT a military-regulated rifle, from a manufacturing specifications perspective, it is NOT as “plug-and-play” friendly with complimentary components; upper receiver, triggers, etc., as the AR-15. Therefore, it is vital for the builder to pay particular attention to additional components they plan to add to their .308 or AR10 rifle build.

308 and AR10 80 LOWER FEATURES:

No FFL required 
– No serialization required
– Minimal technical skills required to complete
– Maintains the custom integrity of your build
– Corrosion-resistant aluminum
– CNC-machined from 6061 billet aluminum
Made in the USA

Your build awaits you!


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