300 Blackout Upper

300 Blackout Upper

The not-so-humble origins of the 300 Blackout Upper can be found in the hands of Special Operators busting down doors in faraway places at odd hours of the night. This whisper-quiet round’s popularity has swelled in the civilian AR shooters’ world thanks its performance and ability to suppress. Cruising along at subsonic speeds, the 300 Blackout puts a wallop on any target, and the 300 Blackout Upper delivers the punch can all be found right here.

You’ll see our 300 Blackout (AKA: 300 BLK) Upper assemblies cater to every shooter. We offer full-built 300 Blackout Uppers for the guy or gal who wants a standard 16” or 20” barrel to avoid all that ATF paperwork, as well as 8.5” short-barrel and pistol options for those who want to go full Frogman and build a super-quiet short barrel rifle (SBR). Each of our 300 Blackout Uppers includes a bolt carrier group and charging handle, taking all the guesswork out of the equation. Trust us when we say it is easier and safer buying a complete upper assembly than trying to piece one together – especially with bigger round that packs this much lead.

Take a browse and you’ll find a combo of barrel, shroud, muzzle device, bolt carrier group and accessories that will fit your shooting needs and budget perfectly. The best part about our 300 Blackout Upper assemblies is you can get them shipped right to your front door – no need to deal with costly FFL transfer fees! Pick up any upper and transform your standard AR 15 into the newest and coolest round: 300 BLK.

Benefits of an 300 Blackout Upper:

- No FFL Required
- Guarantees Correct Headspace & Safety
- No Tools, Assembly, or Gunsmithing Required
- Includes Bolt Carrier Group & Charging Handle
- The Quickest, Easiest Way to go Subsonic for Suppression
- Made in the USA

Your build awaits you.



DISCLAIMER: If you are new to the world of DIY gun building, you likely have a lot of questions and rightfully so. It’s an area that has a lot of questions that, without the correct answers, could have some serious implications. At 80-lower.com, we are by no means providing this content on our website to serve as legal advice or legal counsel. We encourage each and every builder to perform their own research around their respective State laws as well as educating themselves on the Federal laws. When performing your own research, please be sure that you are getting your information from a reliable source.

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