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1911 Parts Kit

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1911 Parts Kit

A 1911 parts kit is a great bundle for when you already have the 1911 80% frame either completed or you bought a 100% completed frame. Either route you went, the 1911 parts kit is a convenient, high-quality parts kit that will help you take your frame from plain to a custom build in no time.

Within each of our 1911 parts kit, you will find every pin, part and spring you need to finish your 1911 build. If you are looking for to switch up the style and function of an already existing 1911, a 1911 parts kit provides a seamless avenue to do that as well. Each pin, spring and component within these kits are individually-bagged and individually-labeled for your convenience.

In addition to all of the 1911 parts, our 1911 parts kits come with a slide, barrel and barrel assembly. This it is truly the start-to-finish kit that takes any of the guesswork out of sourcing your 1911 parts from other sources. Once you already have your 1911 frame completed, the process of building upon it becomes very procedural and requires a pretty strong attention-to-detail. Take your time. Measure twice. Cut once. You will be sending lead down the range in no time.


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