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1911 Build Kit

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1911 Build Kit

If you are looking at a 1911 build kit, you are on the track to a really rewarding personal challenge. You will learn more about the inner-workings of a 1911 in a single 1911 build that you have from decades of owning one. A 1911 build kit is the for the tinkerer who can’t help but take things apart to learn how they go together. A 1911 build kit is for the guy who calls any day stuck in the garage “a damn good one”. A 1911 build kit is a rewarding challenge that teaches you more about your 1911 than any book ever will.

Our 1911 build kits come with every single little part and spring you will need to build the 1911 from start-to-finish. All of those little parts (and bigger parts) and springs are separated into individually-labeled bags to avoid any confusion. As well as containing all of the parts, a 1911 build kit comes with a 1911 80% frame. The frame itself is only “80 percent complete”, so the builder (you) has to complete the remaining 20% of the frame before any parts can be added or the firearm can be built.

The fact that the 1911 80% frame is only “80 percent complete” is a very intentional one. Since the frame of a 1911 is the only part of the firearm that’s technically and legally considered “the firearm”, an 80% completed frame is considered simply a gun part. In short, an 80% completed frame is a part. A frame that is completed anywhere beyond 80% is considered a firearm. You can order a 1911 80% frame online and have it shipped to your door without any FFL transfer or paperwork. Aside from being an unobtrusive convenience, a 1911 80% frame just makes sense for a 1911 build kit. If you are willing to put it all together, then you should be prepared to finish the frame as well. It’ll be worth it.


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