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Fire/Safe Engraved 80% Lower. Why Do You Need It?

“What was that?” you think to yourself as you are jolted out of peaceful sleep. You hear a noise again. Sounds an awful lot like the front door. You grab an AR, flip off the safe and pie-off the corners of your house as you make your way to the front door. All the while the noise persists and your wife has finally gotten through to 911. 

Carefully, cautiously, you peer through the peephole on your door. You see nothing, but the strange noise is definitely still coming from the other side of the door. You throw open the door and hit the pressure switch on your tactical flashlight. Half dazzled, half attack mode, the neighbor’s cat arches its back at you before hissing and spitting then running away. You close the door, lock up, and head back to bed where you and your loved one share a laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation before going uneventfully back to sleep.

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Sounds great right? Now, what if it wasn’t a cat? What if the noise that had jolted you awake was the door being kicked in, and you were about to fall victim of a home invasion? Even worse, what if you weren’t home, and it was just your wife and kids that were jolted awake? Would your loved ones be able to get past the safety on the rifle?

80% Lower Fire/Safe Marked (1-pack)

For a lot of us, the idea of the safety is second nature. No thought involved, just flip it off. Now think about someone who has never fired a rifle before or has very limited exposure. How are they supposed to know where the safety is? Even if they know what it looks like, how are they supposed to remember which position is safe and which is semi? Yeah, I didn’t really think about it much either until I saw a youtube video of a girl who was given an AR-15 and an AK-47 and told, “Here are the guns, the mags, and the ammo. Figure it out.” She had no idea why it wouldn’t shoot until she noticed the text right next to the selector. “Fire/Safe”, oooohhh… there it is.” Kinda makes you think. If she were in need, how much longer would it have taken her to figure it out if the words “Fire/Safe” weren’t engraved on that AR? She never did figure out the AK…

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Now, my wife has been out shooting a few times, but it isn’t something she can do in her sleep. Every time we go out, she does look at the safety to see which is which. Eventually it will become second nature to her where she will instinctively thumb the selector down, but until then, I am glad that her rifles are Fire/Safe engraved.


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