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AR9 Jig

AR9 Jig

The new AR9 platform is a dedicated pistol-caliber carbine built off the original AR-15 upper and lower receivers. Now, thanks to advancements in subsonic AR-type pistols, the AR9 has its own version of a dedicated 80% lower! Functionally the same as an AR-15 lower receiver, the AR9 lower provides better aesthetics when built, especially once that thin 9mm magazine is installed. But to finish your AR9's lower, you need an AR9 80% jig. Each jig listed is compatible with the billet AR9 80% lower and regular AR-15 lowers! 

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Bits and Instructions Included

To make the cutting and drilling processes easier for new builders without experience, each AR9 jig includes the required drill bits for drilling your lower parts kit's pin holes, as well as quality commercial-grade end mill bits for cutting the fire control cavity for your trigger, hammer, and disconnector. 

AR9 vs. AR-15 Jig Compatibility

You'll notice most (if not all) AR9 jigs also describe "AR15" in their title. That's because most of the AR9 jig's exterior dimensions and the required machining steps for the holes and cavity are the same as an AR15's lower receiver. That's the beauty of building this dedicated 9mm carbine: It works with AR-15 parts, yet is properly sized up for 9mm magazines, eliminating that goofy magazine well-to-magazine "my-lower-skipped-leg-day" ratio.

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Advantages of Our AR9 Jigs

  • No FFL required!
  • Metal jig capable of machining 20+ lowers
  • Compatible with AR9 and AR-15 80% lowers
  • Includes quality commercial-grade tool bits
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included with jig
  • All jigs proudly manufactured in the USA

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