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Polymer80 has introduced the next greatest 80% lower for the AR-10/DPMS .308 market! The Warrhogg .308 AR-10 Polymer 80% lower, now available in Flat Dark Earth, approaches the .308 AR-15 platform with a featherweight design that also promises ruggedness, compatibility with all current 80% jig and DPMS .308 components, and a simpler machining process for beginners!

Tested, reinforced, and proven at the range

Polymer80 has repeatedly tested, redesigned, and tested again their Warrhogg .308 80% lower to ensure reliability and safety. The Warrhogg is built from the same polymer that all other current-production polymer firearms are made from – but they didn’t stop there.

To ensure its ready for abuse, Polymer80 reinforced the Warrhogg 80% lower with a solid core design. A reinforced buffer tube ring, ribbing across the top, a no-thread pistol grip, and a stiffened mag well all ensure the Warrhogg is capable of handling thousands .308 and NATO 7.62, all while weighing less than half a pound.

Warrhogg .308 AR-10 Polymer 80% Lower features:

  •         Weighs less than half a pound!
  •         Includes 80% lower jig
  •         Includes all necessary tooling
  •         Includes pistol grip nut and screw
  •         Reinforced Polymer Construction
  •         Integrated trigger guard
  •         Gripped mag well for ergonomics
  •         Compatible with all 80% lower Jigs
  •         Compatible with DPMS Gen 1 Lower Parts Kit

Build and hit the range in less than an hour

The Warrhogg .308 80% lower is the easiest, quickest, and most affordable .308 80% lower currently available. Polymer80 also throws in the required jig and all tooling, so you can build your lower immediately. Pair the Warrhogg with a DPMS .308 lower parts kit, a buffer system, and an upper, and hit the range in one afternoon!

Completing the Warrhogg .308 lower takes less than 30 minutes using only basic hand tools. The included instructions and tutorial will guide you through the process, making the Warrhogg the perfect 80% lower for first-timers!

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

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