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P320 Slides

P320 Slides

Upgrade your P320 with a quality custom slide.

The P320 was made for customization, so why not replace the one thing you arguably stare at the most while you shoot? We're talkin' 'bout the slide. Sure, Sig Sauer makes great slides - no one's arguing that. But "good enough" can be made "perfect" if you select one of the cool, custom, lightweight and precisely CNC-machined P320 slides available here.

Options Available for Multiple Calibers

The great thing about the P320 is you can quickly swap out barrels, calibers, and grip modules while keeping the same slide in certain configurations. Others are caliber-specific, tailored for that cartridge's recoil impulse. Take this sexy Cerakote slide, for example: It's made for 9mm and cuts down on weight while making your run-of-the-mill P320 look like a custom killer.

416R Stainless and Mil-Spec Carbon + Optics-Ready

Our available P320 slides are cut from high-quality 4150 (CMV) carbon steel or 416R Crucible Stainless, one of the finest gun metals made available today. Some slides sport pre-fabricated cuts for your favorite micro red dot, like the Trijicon RMR, Sig Sauer Romeo 1, or Holosun. Slap a handgun red dot atop your new slide and enjoy better performance in addition to the cool points.

New builder? Read the P320 Build Guide, too!

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