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Billet Lower Receiver

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Billet Lower Receiver

When you buy an 80% billet lower receiver, you are getting much more than a lower receiver; you’re getting decades of technological advances in aluminum alloy manufacturing and construction. Our 80% billet lowers are manufactured from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum bar stock and perfectly machined using a CNC. These lowers are designed to exceed your demanding expectations with tight tolerances to ensure a perfect fit and proper function of the fire control group.

If aesthetic appeal, as well as durability, is an important aspect your AR-15 build, a billet 80% lower will quickly help you achieve that goal. Due to the rigorous, precise manufacturing process, the 80% billet lower offers you a beautiful one-piece trigger guard, fine lines and overall geometric perfection. Billet lowers are widely viewed as the most aesthetically appealing lowers in the market.

By definition of the law, an 80% lower receiver is not classified as a firearm until the builder completes the last 20% of milling. Therefore, 80% billet lowers do not require an FFL transfer or serialization (although recommended after completion). This offers you the opportunity to build a fully-functional firearm without any of the clunky, overbearing government oversight. You simply place your order and we can ship directly to you.

Benefits of a Billet 80% Lower Receiver:

No FFL required
– No serialization required
– Minimal technical skills required to complete
– Maintains the custom integrity of your build
– Corrosion-resistant aluminum
– Manufactured from 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy
– CNC machined to Mil-Spec standards
Made in the USA

Your build awaits.


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