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Why Your Next 80 Lower Needs to be an AR Pistol Build

Taking an 80 lower and turning it into an AR 15 pistol is not a complicated procedure. Like building a standard rifle you can easily do it at home with minimal fuss. The biggest thing to remember is to use a pistol gas system and a pistol buffer tube. AR 15 pistols are growing more and more popular as the fad towards firearms is to go smaller and smaller.

The civilian firearm world follows the military in a lot of ways. As new firearms trends occur in the military they tend to move onto the civilian side. The current military and police trend is for smaller and shorter guns. The AR pistol is an effective, and affordable way to have a shorter weapon, without going through the NFA hassle for an SBR.

Cause it’s America We live in a Nation where we don’t need a reason to own a particular weapon. This includes the amount of AR rifles we can and want to own. If you have a desire for an AR 15 pistol, but can’t ‘justify’ a purpose for one don’t worry. You don’t need a reason to own one, if you want one, buy one. There is a variety of reasons we sell bulk 80 lowers, one is so you can make multiple rifles.

Compact Size weapon – Full Sized Firepower An AR 15 pistol can still be chambered in a rifle cartridge. A nice full sized rifle is nice to have, but in some situations, an AR 15 pistol is easier and more handy to use. You get a much smaller overall package, that’s still chambered in a full powered rifle cartridge. Sometimes a pistol caliber simply can’t do the job, and sometimes a rifle can’t be carried. An AR 15 pistol is a good stop gap. Plus when building with an 80 lower you can avoid 3 day or longer waiting periods associated with pistols.

You can go Multiple Routes The good news with building an AR 15 pistol from an 80 lower is how you can transform it. If you build a rifle first, you can’t take your 80 lower and turn it into a pistol legally. America has some weird gun laws. One of them being a pistol can be turned into a rifle, but a rifle cannot be turned into a pistol. So starting with a pistol allows you to legally go to a rifle, or a short barreled rifle if you want to go that route.

Maneuverable and Lightweight An AR 15 pistol is nice and compact, this means it’s more maneuverable and lightweight. This makes it easier throughout your house for home defense, or in and out of a vehicle. An AR 15 pistol is a pistol under law. If you have your concealed carry permit in some states you have more leeway on how you carry your firearm in a vehicle. This makes an AR 15 pistol an excellent truck/trunk gun.

It’s Fun There is something about firing a little AR pistol. It’s so much different from a standard rifle. Of course finishing an 80 lower is always fun, and building something new makes it even better. The big flash, and boom an AR 15 pistol makes is also a literal blast. Find the perfect 80 Lower for your AR Pistol Build here:



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