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What You Need to Know About Building a California-Legal AR-15

First and foremost, get a lawyer. Seriously, there are services available for $20-$30 a month and you have a lawyer on retainer for filling out forms, answering questions, notary and whatnot. Now that you have a lawyer, head over to The forums over there are a treasure trove of information. As with any forum, however, you must vet your own sources and do your own research. Never take someone else’s word when it comes to your freedom, especially not mine. I don’t need anyone using me as their defense in court, “he said I could, your honor!”,, and the awesome guys over at are on the bleeding edge of our second amendment rights when it comes to navigating the intentionally cryptic penal code. In fact head here ( for an awesome infographic flowchart of how to stay legal in the people’s republic of Chi, er… California.

After you have read up on the subject on your own, and you would like the nutshell version of the nutcase legislation, read on. What it all boils down to are two options. Either go featureless, or go fixed mag.

Semiautomatic sporting rifles are considered assault weapons, by idiot liberals that think a barrel shroud has something to do with “a shoulder thing that goes up” (actual lawmaker’s quote when asked if she even knew what a barrel shroud was, right after she had just written and proposed a law to ban them), when they have certain evil features. For example; a foregrip, a pistol grip, an adjustable stock, or a flash hider (but not a compensator or brake. Morons… surrounded by morons.) would all make your sport rifle an assault weapon IF said rifle was also equipped with a detachable magazine. The fix? Build a featureless rifle. Install a muzzle brake or a crowned bull barrel, a fixed stock, a custom grip and take off the fore grip (seriously, take it off.

Fixed mag
Fix here? Permanently pinning your mag into the well, turning it into a top feeder. Or if you aren’t crazy, a bullet button or a radlock. California law is pretty specific in that it defines a removable magazine as one that can be readily detached without the use of tools OR disassembling the rifle. So if your mag requires a tool (inserting a pointed object, such as a bullet, into a recessed button) to drop the mag, you can have any and all of the other evil features…except the forward pistol grip, we weren’t kidding, they are lame.

I am not really a fan of the bullet button, but I am even less a fan of the resulting Frankengun that is the featureless. Lucky for me, and you, retailers like are carrying AR-15 kits that are CA compliant. Saves the trouble of sourcing one extra part that can cost between 15 and 30 bucks.

While you are browsing the AR kits and Lower Parts Kits keep an eye out for the CA-compliant label, now that you know what it means.

Classic Lower Parts Kit (CA-Compliant) | Butt Stock | Buffer Tube Assembly | AR-15



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