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Should You Register Your AR 15 as an Assault Weapon in CA?

Recently, California legislators passed a bunch of new gun control. One of those new restrictions redefines what an assault weapon under CA law. Other legislation sets up a requirement for registering “assault weapons”, as newly defined by the CA DOJ. So, should you register your AR 15 in California?

For starters, these new laws mean your bullet button no longer qualifies your AR 15 as a weapon with a fixed magazine. If you’re like most Californians who own an AR 15, you’re now in possession of an “assault weapon”. To get around this, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Make your AR “featureless”

If you want to ditch the bullet button and go back to enjoying detachable magazines, you must make your AR 15 featureless. That means removing all the “scary bits” CA legislators think make a black rifle an assault weapon. That means getting rid of the following:

  • Collapsible, thumbhole, or folding stock (must be fixed)
  • Flash hider
  • Pistol grip
  • Forward pistol grip (angular grips are OK)
  • Grenade or flare launcher (yes, really)

PMAG 10 Round 5.56 Magazine | AR-15 | Black | Magpul

Even if you make your AR featureless with detachable mags, you’ll have to keep it to 10 rounds. PMAGs are affordable, they work great, and they’ll keep you legal.

  1. Install an ARMagLock

The ARMaglock is the new bullet button. It requires you to break open the upper and lower receiver using the rear takedown pin (now available with a quick release), so you can change magazines. This will qualify your AR as having a fixed magazine again, and you can avoid registering your AR 15 as an assault weapon. You also get to keep all those scary features above.

“What Happens if I Don’t Register?”

What if you’re a Constitution-loving American who’ll willingly break state law (these are not federal laws, remember) to preserve your 2nd Amendment rights? We’re not advocating you do that, because the consequences of not registering your AR 15 as an assault weapon in CA by July 1, 2018 will mean getting charged with a felony and spending up to one year in jail if you’re caught.  

AR 15 Lower Assembly | (CA-Compliant) Lower Parts Kit | Butt Stock | Buffer Tube | FIRE/SAFE | Forged | 80% Lower

You can still legally build an 80% lower into a CA-compliant AR. Our lower assembly includes a fresh, new ARMaglock and complete buffer system with parts kit.

Why you Shouldn’t Register Your AR as an Assault Weapon:

Again, we are not advocating you break the law. Whether you decide to make your AR 15 CA-compliant under the new legislation with a new parts kit (or keep it illegal), we can list off the reasons why registering your AR as an assault weapon could be a bad thing:

  1. You can never leave California with it.
  2. You must pay a fee to register it.
  3. You can’t transfer it to anyone, even family.
  4. You can’t lend it to anyone.
  5. You can only sell it to a dealer licensed to buy and sell “assault weapons”.
  6. Once you die, a family member must either make it CA-compliant, send it out of the state, or surrender it for destruction.
  7. You can only take it to a gunsmith with a special permit. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait with your weapon while it’s serviced. Imagine waiting at the auto repair center for hours while your car gets fixed.
  8. You can only travel to and from a range that’s licensed to host “assault weapons” – you can’t even stop at the local coffee shop along the way.
  9. Do you really want all your personal information to be in a firearms database?
  10. Do you want officials knocking your door if the word “confiscation” gets thrown around?
  11. Word has it you can “un-register” your weapon once it’s made compliant, but no one knows what kind of legal hurdles that entails.

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