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How to Build Your Own 1911 at Home

The 1911 needs no introduction and you’re reading this, then you’ve already made the commitment to proudly build one of the greatest handguns ever made. The process is simple but it requires focus and precision. Rest assured, building your 1911 at home is also 100% legal as long as you can otherwise legally own a firearm. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know. So, without further ado, here’s how to build your own 1911 at home!

#1: Buy a 1911 Build Kit

You can build your 1911 piece by piece, investing in an 80% 1911 frame, then an upper, then a part kits, or you can pick it up in one kit. Our 1911 Build Kits include every component you need to build your 1911 at home – including top-tier components.

Everything in our 1911 Build Kits is made in the USA from Chromoly steel and forged 7075 T6 aluminum. We offer kits configured in .45 ACP or 9mm, and we offer up frames in 5” Government and 4.25” Commander profiles, black anodized or raw. Here’s a complete breakdown of everything in your kit – or everything you’ll need to build your 1911 if you opt for building it piecemeal:

  •         80% 1911 Frame
  •         Slide
  •         Slide Stop
  •         Barrel, Link, Pin, Barrel bushings
  •         Adjustable Trigger
  •         Grips
  •         Grip Safety
  •         Grip Screws & Bushing
  •         Hammer
  •         Hammer Strut
  •         Sear
  •         Mainspring Housing
  •         11-Piece Pin Set
  •         7-Piece Spring Set
  •         Magazine Catch Assembly
  •         Firing Pin Stop
  •         Extractor
  •         Thumb Safety
  •         Disconnector
  •         Plunger Tube
  •         Ejector
  •         Recoil Guide
  •         Novak Fixed Sights
  •         8-round Magazine

#2: Buy a 1911 80% Jig

Your 1911 80% Jig will act as the platform upon which you fabricate and finish your 1911 frame. Our jigs are also made in the USA and they’re guaranteed to be compatible with any of our 1911 kits. The 1911 80% Jig will hold your 80 percent 1911 frame in place, building your along the cutting and drill processes to completion.

Machining your 1911 frame requires just a few, simple drill bits and carbide cutters (which are pre-installed with your 1911 80% Jig). Using our jigs requires no milling machine, only a hand drill! Instructions are included to guide you along the process.

#3: Machine Your 1911 Frame

The steps required to complete your frame for final assembly are simple:

  •         Cut the slide
  •         Cut the barrel setting
  •         Drill the hammer pin hole
  •         Drill the sear pin hole

That’s it! Just four easy steps are all that’s required to finish your 1911 frame. Once completed, your new frame will be 60% lighter than a conventional steel 1911 frame and because It’s made from forged 7075 T6 aluminum, it’ll still be strong as Hell and battle-ready.

Once the machining processes are complete, all you need to do is assemble your parts kit with your newly finished frame. The entire assembly process takes less than one hour once you’re familiarized, and our instructions will continue to guide you along the way!

Why our 1911 Build Kits?

The 1911 market is saturated with thousands of well-crafted pieces, so why build your own 1911 at home using one of our kits? For starters, our kits are comparable to some of the highest-grade 1911s you can purchase.

Our new aluminum frames are a massive improvement to the 1911’s original, clunky steel frame and each kit includes plenty of other top-tier features:

  •         Integrated Low-Profile Picattiny Rail
  •         Mil-Spec, Type III Hardcoat Anodized Finish
  •         Hardened Chromoly Barrels
  •         Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Frame
  •         100% Made in the USA by Stealth Arms
  •         Limited Lifetime Warranty



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