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80% Arms Easy Jig: Is it worth it?

I have got to say that in all of the innovation and revolutionary technology that has taken the firearms industry by storm, one product remains a standalone in that it continues to blow me away. Sure, you have got high-speed optics, go-faster ultralight rails, and about ten thousand accessories, from buttstock plates to muzzle devices and everything in between. But the one item that continues to strike me as the most industry shaping is the Easy Jig by 80% Arms.

Most jigs out there require an upright mill with an x-y table. Sure they advertise themselves as being compatible with a drill press, but the reality is that a drill press has too much movement in the head and is NOT designed for lateral cutting. Besides, a mill will cost thousands, a drill press, several hundred, and a router might break $130.

Speaking of routers… the Easy Jig design is based on using a router to mill out the fire control pocket. When you simplify operation to routing, you reduce the needed materials to just a router, a drill, and a vice. The plates are great in that all you have to do is trace the outside of the template. There is very little measurements needed, simply use one template to set the depth for each pass and follow the second template.

The wear on the templates per build is so minimal that you could literally complete dozens of lowers before needing to replace any part of the jig. And once one of the plates is worn to the point that it is unusable or if you accidently nick on of the plates , simply order the individual plate. Each component of the 80% lower jig is available for sale as a standalone part. There is no need to purchase the entire jig (ever) again. Odds are, if you are using it correctly, the only plate that will ever need to be replaced is the 3/8 inch pilot pre-drilling plate.

So you have a jig, a lower, and some bits; now what? Put them together, using the absolutely dummy-proof instructions. Put in about an hour or two of work and you will have yourself a completed lower receiver ready for final assembly. It is literally that simple. Never used a tool in your life? No problem. If you know how to plug in an X-Box, snap on an i-phone case, and color inside the lines, you can build an AR-15 using the 80% Arms Easy Jig.

Besides, I can’t help but love a company that gives the average Joe and Jane the ability to manufacture on their own terms with nothing more than a few tools in most people’s garages. The fact that this scares the hell out of gun grabbing lib-tards and gives me additional joy. Cruise on over to the 80% lower jig section, pick up an 80% Arms Easy Jig and start building some personal freedom today.



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