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5 Reasons You Should Buy the 300 Blackout

The 300 Blackout is the talk of the town in the AR 15 world. It’s a fascinating design that offers serious advantages over the standard 5.56 round. This upper receiver is growing in popularity every year. If a company makes an AR 15, you can bet they make one in 300 Blackout. We’ve compiled five reasons why the 300 blackout is pretty badass.

300 blackout

Easily Suppressed
One of the primary reasons the 300 Blackout was designed was to offer a round that sits between a rifle caliber and pistol caliber for suppression. 5.56 rifles have a supersonic snap when fired even from a suppressor. The 300 Blackout can utilize subsonic loads to eliminate this supersonic crack. These rifles are also incredibly reliable when suppressed and function fine with subsonic ammo.

Short-Barreled Performance
This upper is designed for short-barrel performance. A standard round, like the 5.56, suffers significant velocity and performance when you shorten the barrel beyond 16 inches. This is why AR pistols with a 5.56 round have such a mighty flash and a massive boom. The 300 Blackout, with the right ammo, can reach its maximum potential in a barrel as short as 9 inches.

Better for Hunting

This rifle has a much bigger projectile than the 5.56. The 5.56 can take predators and small game easily. Many states ban hunting with anything smaller than 6mm. The 300 Blackout is a 7.62 mm projectile and it has the ability to expand to a larger size and stop bigger game more effectively. With the popularity of suppressors for hunting, this upper makes more and more sense.

Easy Interchangeability
It you already have a 5.56, the 300 Blackout is almost entirely interchangeable with that round. You can simply swap the upper. The 5.56 magazines, bolt carrier group, lower receiver and all of the furniture will be interchangeable.

This is a very versatile upper. It can be used for hunting, target practice, and home defense incredibly effectively. It can run a wide variety of different bullet weights, from 110 grain supersonic rounds to 220 grain subsonic ammunition. The 300 Blackout can be a rifle, a carbine, a pistol, or a short barreled rifle and all run reliably and accurately.

The biggest downside to this upper receiver is the ammunition cost. It is greater than the standard 5.56. However, the parts and components to build a 300 Blackout rifle are just as affordable. This makes interchanging uppers an attractive option. That being said, with more companies making these rifles, the price is dropping rapidly on the ammunition, and has been trending downward for some time.

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