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5 Great AR-15 Black Friday Gift Ideas at Any Budget

The holidays are upon us – what will you get your AR-15-loving significant other? We’ve got the answers you desperately seek to find before the buying frenzy kicks in. Check out our expert suggestions below. You’ll find plenty of great AR-15 Black Friday gift ideas at any budget, and your sweet shooter will love you even more for any of them!

#1: Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black (Gun Touch-Up Solutions)

A bottle of Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black

If your shooter puts his or her AR-15 through its paces enough, chances are it’s suffered some nasty dings and scratches.

This cool, simple stocking stuffer is a great gift idea! A little bottle of Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black is basically touch-up paint for your shooter’s rifle or AR pistol. It provides an instant, professional touch-up for scratches and dings, blending in seamlessly by treating the exposed metal, protecting it.

#2: AR-15 Build Mat

AR-15 Build Mat

Do you find your shooter toying away on their rifle on the floor in the kitchen? Maybe in the corner of the garage? Tired of finding little gun parts here and there while you’re searching for the remote? Maybe you’ve heard your significant other yelling in frustration while he or she works on their rifle.

The AR-15 Build Mat is the perfect way to help your shooter work on their rifle with a proper station. Its rubberized surface helps keep small parts from disappearing, and it provides a clean surface to work on – no more oil on the kitchen table! It even has a complete schematic to help him or her with disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly.

#3: RA LE145 Tactical Drop-In Trigger

RA LE145 Tactical Drop-In Trigger

Any shooter knows the key to a good gun is a good trigger. While the AR-15 your significant other bought or built may perform well enough, chances are he or she is not enjoying it as much as they could. You can make their range time more enjoyable and their accuracy truer with the RA LE145 Tactical Drop-In Trigger!

This easy-to-install trigger assembly is a breeze to use. It’s been built by to the highest tolerances – one-millionth of an inch, to be exact. It breaks cleanly and is worthy of the best shooters and competitors. Because it simply drops in, no assembly or gunsmithing is required! This trigger can be installed at home in minutes, making it a great surprise on that holiday morning.

#4: 80% Lower and Easy Jig Gen 2 with Tooling

Easy Jig Gen 2 with Tooling, compatible with AR9, and AR-15 lower receivers

If your AR-15 lover also loves to tinker and build (but has never enjoyed gunsmithing as much they might like) then you’ve found the coolest gift around! This 80% Lower and Easy Jig Gen 2 Kit provides your shooter with the means to build, from scratch, their own AR-15!

Trust us, it’s 100% legal to do in all 50 states – you can read about the legalities of it more here. Rest assured, it’s safe and easy to use. If your shooter loves power tools and building things, you’ll find them in the garage or basement building with this kit the minute they open it.


#5: Premium Ultimate AR 15 Rifle Kit

.223 Wylde AR 15 Rifle Kit (16″ Stainless Barrel & 13.5″ M-Lok Handguard) w/ 80% Lower – (1:7 Twist)

This gift pack is the true crème de la crème of gun gifts. This kit provides literally every. Single. Thing. Your shooter needs to build one a competition-ready, high-tier, high-power AR-15 from scratch – A to Z included!

The Premium Ultimate AR 15 Rifle Kit includes all the guts of a top-tier AR-15, from buttstock to barrel. Premium accessories include multiple attachments, grips, sling, and more from Magpul, a leading maker of military police, and professional AR-15 parts. Lastly, your shooter’s also getting an 80% lower, an 80% jig, and all the tooling needed!

The whole kit ships in an awesome military-grade tactical rifle case, straight to your front door. It’s 100% legal and 100% safe. If you want a jaw-dropping shot on camera, this is the gift to buy your shooter. Trust us (we’ve done it ourselves!).


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