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1911 Frames Now Available on

No rifle makes a rifleman without a trusty sidearm to back it. So, just as we’ve led the market in home-building the AR 15 from 80% lowers, we’re leading the market on home-building your own handgun. We’re talking about none other than the venerable 1911! Quality, ready-to-machine 1911 frames are now available on We’ve got the full lineup: 9mm, .45 ACP, 5” Government profiles, Commander profiles, anodized black, bead blasted, and complete 1911 build kits that include every single part you need to turn a hunk of aluminum into a functioning 1911.

45 ACP / 5" Government Tactical / Anodized Black 1911 Build Kit

Our 1911 Build Kits include literally every piece and tool you need (minus the 80% 1911 frame jig and router). These kits feature a top-shelf 1911 that rivals guns costing 3x the kit.

80% Complete 1911 Frames – NO FFL Required!

Machining a 1911 frame into a working handgun is just as simple (if not easier and quicker) than machining an 80% lower for an AR 15! The only thing you need to do is:

  •         Cut the side rails
  •         Cut the barrel seat
  •         Drill the hammer pin hole
  •         Drill the sear pin hole

That’s it! It takes less than one hour and we’ve even got the 1911 80% jigs and bundle kits you need to get the job done – little to no mechanical knowledge or experience required. The best thing about our 1911 frames is the hassle-free shipping and ownership.

Yes, our 80% 1911 frames are 100% legal to own and build in all 50 states and they require no FFL paperwork, transfer fees, background checks, or any bureaucracy that comes with buying a handgun off the shelf.

1911 Frames Machined from 7075 Quality Aluminum

The original 1911 is a heavy gun, to be sure. That old-school steel frame tips the scales. Our quality, heavy-duty but lightweight 7075 aluminum frames weigh 60% less! These 80% 1911 aluminum frames sacrifice no strength, rigidity or comfort, either – and they’ll never rust. Lastly, each frame is heat treated to ensure maximum ruggedness. The result is a gun that’s lighter and easier to carry.

Made in The Good Ole’ USA

Our 1911 frames are manufactured by our own machining partners in Ohio. Nothing is imported from overseas and all the aluminum alloy used in our frames is made and heat-treated stateside. This guarantees the true American quality you’ve come to expect from one of America’s oldest service pistols.

No Milling Machine Required – Only Hand Tools

We weren’t lying when we said finishing a 1911 frame is even easier than an AR 15 80% lower. You don’t even need a milling machine to get the job done. All you need are some drill bits and carbide cutters, which come installed and ready for use in our 1911 jig kits.

Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms

The Phantom 1911 80% jig is super simple to use, affordable, and requires little to no mechanical experience to produce a quality, functional, accurate 1911.

Ships to Your Front Door, Instructions Included

The job is easy, but we nothing to guess. Each of our 1911 frames can be paired with one of our 1911 jig kits and you’ll even get all the instructions you need, complete with easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials. Place your order and we’ll ship it out quickly, sending it straight to your front door. Remember, it ain’t considered a firearm until you’ve finished the machining! It’s time to get building – check out our frames and jigs!


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