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  • Holosun 2 MOA 20mm (Solar) Red Dot Sight -  MRS Holosun 2 MOA 20mm (Solar) Red Dot Sight -  MRS 2 Holosun 2 MOA 20mm (Solar) Red Dot Sight -  MRS 3

    Holosun 2 MOA 20mm (Solar) Red Dot Sight - MRS

    Time to upgrade your ability to quickly acquire a target. Check out the Holosun HS503CU MRS (Multiple Reticle System) Red Dot Sight. It features a solar failsafe, so you never have to worry about having a dead battery. It's got Holosun's "shake awake"...

  • Holosun Red Dot Reflex Sight (Solar) - X2 MRS Holosun Red Dot Reflex Sight (Solar) - X2 MRS 2 Holosun Red Dot Reflex Sight (Solar) - X2 MRS 3 Holosun Red Dot Reflex Sight (Solar) - X2 MRS 4 Holosun Red Dot Reflex Sight (Solar) - X2 MRS 5

    Holosun Red Dot Reflex Sight (Solar) - X2 MRS

    Good pistol practice says you should acquire a comfort level and skill in aiming with pistol sights before trying to rely on the fancy stuff. Now that you're skilled at aiming with pistol sights, let's bring on the fancy stuff. Check out the Holosun...

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You've built the perfect black rifle (or AR pistol). Now, you're ready to send some rounds downrange. But are you going to rely on good ole' iron sights? Of course not. We're in the modern tactical world and that means investing in a reliable, parallax-free, high-speed red dot sight or optic. We've taken feedback from three-gunners and professional shooters to source what we humbly think are some of the best red dots available for your AR platform. We offer trusted brands, quick shipping, and great prices so you can get more accuracy without breaking the bank.

Holosun and Sig Romeo Red Dots

Holosun and Sig Sauer are two of the most popular names in the red dot optic category for a few reasons: Their sights provide incredibly long battery life, they're compact and water-resistant or waterproof, shock-proof, and capable of taking recoil from hot loads like Grendel or Creedmoor without losing their zero. These low-profile sights provide excellent sight picture and clarity with simple co-witnessing with your iron sights (if you didn't invest in flip-up sights). Some other features we think are important are found on the red dots we've made available above:

  • Rugged, multi-coated lenses
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Reliable MOA adjustments
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Compact, battle-ready designs
  • Tough, machined aluminum housings
  • Long battery life (20k to 50k+ hours)
  • Simple, universal Pic rail attachments

What is a red dot, anyway?

If you're a new builder, you've got questions: A red dot is an illuminated glass optic that uses a small, built-in laser to artificially project a red (or sometimes green) dot onto your target downrange. This is accomplished without any laser beam actually being, well, "beamed" onto the target itself. 

Red dots are a broad category of different laser optics, which include reflex sights, prism sights, and holographic sights. These different sights project the built-in laser in different ways, using either single or multiple planes of glass, or special reflective mirrors (prisms) to project the beam. Many reflex sights are ultra-compact since they only require one plane of glass, like the Holosun X2 MRs. Other red dots are configured as tube sights and look like a regular rifle scope, like the Sig Sauer Romeo5. Regardless of their design, all three red dot types provide the same benefits: A small, adjustable laser reticle with clear glass that provides quick target acquisition with unlimited eye relief and simple, parallax-free aiming.

What do "unlimited eye relief" and "parallax-free" mean?

This is why people love red dots. Unlimited eye relief simply means your head and targeting eye can be as close or as far away from the rear of the optic without losing your sight picture, clarity, or focus on both the reticle and the target downrange. That means length of pull becomes less important, as does your shooting stance. This complements parallax-free aiming.

Without getting too technical, parallax-free sights allow you to shift your head and eyes anywhere behind the optic, and the center of the reticle will generally remain correctly centered on the target or your original point of aim. This allows for quicker aiming and ultimately sending rounds downrange faster and more accurately, without worrying about your shooting stance and whether your cheek weld or grip is perfect on your rifle or pistol. 

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