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Troy Industries 5.56mm Medieval Muzzle Brake

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Get the most accuracy out of rapid fire situations the Troy Industries Medieval Muzzle Brake for 5.56mm AR platform rifles. Installation is easy and is just like installing your mil-spec A2 flash hider. Its multi-angled side ports help to keep your muzzle and barrel more manageable during rapid fire than a flash hider. Additionally, the presence of teeth on the end of the mean it's ready for CQ battle, and also that with the Troy Medieval Muzzle Brake installed your AR can be used as a breacher as well. See below for more info.


  • 1/2X28 thread pitch
  • Heat treated ordnance steel construction
  • Post ban compliant when permanently attached
  • Angled teeth on the end make your rifle CQ battle ready
  • Enables your AR to be used for breaching

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Troy Industries

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