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CA Featureless Build Kit (5.56 Nitride w/ 13.5″ MLOK Handguard)

This product has been discontinued.

CA Featureless Build Kit (5.56 Nitride w/ 13.5" MLOK Handguard)
CA Featureless Build Kit (5.56 Nitride w/ 13.5" MLOK Handguard)

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Out of stock

Free Shipping on all orders $325+!

SKU: 5165448416-Featureless-Kit


Sadly, we have a few states in this country which deem certain characteristics in a firearm to be evil and scary. These sad states have gone as far as enacting unjust laws against these features making them illegal to use in conjunction with certain components. To help our customers maintain their legal ownership of an AR15 rifle we have put together a CA Compliant Featureless Build Kit.

This featureless build kit starts off with an AR-15 upper assembly, chambered in 5.56 NATO. The upper assembly comes built with 16″ Nitride Barrel and a 13.5″ MLOK Handguard, a BCG and charging handle are also included with this complete kit making this upper assembly ready to fire. Please note that there is not a muzzle device included with this upper assembly. Certain muzzle devices have been deemed illegal for a featureless build kit so we would rather put that decision in the end users hands, muzzle brakes and compensators are considered legal for a featureless upper assembly.

The final component that makes this build kit featureless is the Thordsen FRS-15 Enhanced Stock Kit. This kit was designed specifically to be used for featureless rifles. The stock and grip were designed to give maximum comfort and control while also staying within the featureless rifle laws. The Thorsden kit includes an enhanced buffer tube cover which includes two additional quick detach sling points.

The Guts:

  • 5.56 NATO AR-15 Upper Assembly
  • 16″ Nitride Barrel
  • 1:7 Twist
  • A2 Profile
  • 13.5″ MLOK Handguard
  • Mid-Length Gas System
  • No Muzzle Device

Featureless Thordsen Compliant FRS-15 Enhanced Stock Kit:

  • Fits any standard carbine length recoil system
  • Two quick detach sling hardpoints
  • Checkered Grip
  • Grip Storage Compartment
  • Rubber Buttpad
  • Fits any brand of forged lower receiver

The Extras:

  • Magpul Angled Foregrip
  • Classic Lower Parts Kit

Please note: This build kit does not include a lower receiver. This featureless build kit is considered legal for the state of CA and NY. This featureless rifle is not considered legal in the following states: Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  

CA Featureless Build Kit (5.56 Nitride w/ 13.5″ MLOK Handguard)

SKU: 5165448416-Featureless-Kit Category:

This product has been discontinued.


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