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9mm / 5" Government / Tactical Anodized Black 1911 80% Frame & Jig Bundle
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Building your own 1911 from the comfort of your own garage has never been easier thanks to the Stealth Arms Phantom 1911 Jig & 9MM Commander 1911 80% Frame Bundle. Finishing your own 1911 80% frame is now something that can be created with only a few tools and NO MILLING MACHINE (yeah, you read that right). If you want the fastest and most durable 1911 jig you can buy then look no further, the 1911 Phantom Jig is the jig for you.

The 1911 Jig Overview:

The 1911 Phantom Jig consists of 3 main pieces; 1 cutting “car” and 2 long side plates. Carbides cutters are used to remove the material from the frame, the Phantom Jig is the only jig that utilizes these powerful cutters. The carbide cutters will be used to cut the slide as well as the barrel set in the frame.

The 2 long side plates act as a guide for the cutting “car” to do its job. When the frame is installed in between the long side plates, the cutting car is then placed on top of your 2 longer side plates, at this point, the carbide cutter will be facing towards your 1911 frame side rail. To cut the rail you will just begin by working the carbide cutter back and forth, it is a more manual task but the best method for cutting these rails. The carbide cutter protrudes slightly and shaves layer after layer until your rail is complete, at that point you would flip the frame over and finish the other side.


  • The quickest way to finish a 1911 frame
  • No need for a milling machine
  • All necessary drill bits included
  • Carbide cutters come installed
  • YouTube video tutorials available onlone
  • Compatible with all 1911 Stealth Arms frames
  • Made in the US (OHIO)

The 1911 Frame Overview:

The 9MM Government Tactical 1911 80% Frames are CNC-Machined using 7075 heat treated aluminum. We construct our 1911 80% frames from aluminum to cut down on the weight which results in a frame 60% lighter than a steel 1911 frame. Using a lightweight frame allows for practical everyday carry situations.

Another benefit to an aluminum 1911 80% frame is the ease of finishing the frame, a steel frame can leave builders frustrated and greatly increases the time of your build. Whether you are finishing your 1911 frame with a handheld jig, drill press, or milling machine an aluminum frame will save you time in the end.

The 1911 frames are only 80% completed which allows us to ship them directly to your door, NO FFL REQUIRED. Once the 80% frame is completed it is now by definitely a firearm, at this point it falls into the legal definition of a firearm. If it is legal for your to own a firearm, then it is 100% legal for you to build your own firearm.

Operation to be Completed

  • Cutting the side rails
  • Cutting the barrel seat
  • Drilling the hammer pin hole
  • Drilling the sear pin hole 1911

80% Frame Features

  • Low Profile Picatinny Tactical Rail
  • Manufactured to be used with a 5” barrel
  • Constructed from 7075 heat treated aluminum
  • 60% lighter than steel 1911 Frames
  • NO FFL Required to purchase

Special Notes:

  • If using a steel 1911 frame we recommend purchasing some extra carbide cutters as steel is a tough metal than aluminum.
  • We recommend every individual to do their own research regarding building your own firearm. We are not lawyers so please educate yourself on your state and local laws.

No FFL Required Made In The USA Lifetime Warranty

9mm / 5" Government / Tactical Anodized Black 1911 80% Frame & Jig Bundle

$493.75 $395.00 (You save $98.75)

May take up to 1 week to ship

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