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  • Ergo Grip, Tactical Deluxe SureGrip for AR-15/M-16

    Ergo Grip Tactical Deluxe SureGrip for AR-15/M-16

    If you're like the rest of us, you find the mil-spec A2 grip that came standard on your AR severely lacking in the area of comfort. Its hard plastic never really gets comfortable, and its angle and texture don't stop your from getting fatigue, especially...

  • Ergo Grip Sure Grip for AR-15/M16 Ergo Grip Sure Grip for AR-15/M16

    Ergo Grip Sure Grip for AR-15/M-16

    If you're someone who frequently uses your AR for long durations, then comfort is paramount. You need to reduce fatigue in your grip hand however possible. With that in mind, Ergo Grip gives your their Sure Grip for AR-15/M-16. First, it's shaped and...

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Upgrade your AR's pistol grip for better accuracy and control.

Let's face it, the stock grip angle on the grips found in virtually all mil-spec parts kits isn't the most comfortable. It's an incredibly simple, cost-effective upgrade to swap out that stock grip for something like the Magpul MOE, MOE+ or Magpul-K2 grips, each of which provide a more ergonomic angle that fits your wrist. These grips even include built-in storage compartments for an extra set of batteries for your optic, or a small cleaning kit.

Quality Rear and Forward Pistol Grips from Magpul

Magpul's the #1 name in the game when it comes to AR furniture. Their M-LOK- and Picatinny-compatible MVG and RVG vertical foregrips provide a positive point of contact on your smooth, slick handguard to provide better muzzle and recoil control.

Easy Installs (No Special Tools Required)

Swapping out your factory pistol grip is incredibly simple. Most "OEM" grips utilize a simple hex-head bolt and crush washer, which can be easily removed and replaced with a simple Allen wrench. All the grips we sell include new mounting hardware with simple instructions from Magpul. No modification of your lower receiver is required to install a new pistol grip. Starting a new AR build? Grab a lower parts kit and an upgraded grip - it's easiest to just throw on that upgrade during your initial lower assembly process.


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