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The Ultimate AR-15 Build Kit (2016 Black Friday Feature)

What could make this holiday season an even more Merry ‘Merica this year? 

What about an awesome AR-15 Black Friday Sale?

Behold, The Ultimate AR-15 Build Kit.

We’ve decided to do something a little different this 2016 Holiday Season. We’ve assembled the most epic AR-15 Ultimate Build Kit that any AR-15 Builder will go crazy over. We’re talking quality gear that makes you want to build an AR and hit the range in a weekend!  

This will be the most tricked out combination of AR-15 parts that you will find this Black Friday, all together in one legendary package.  
Our Limited Release of 50 Ultimate AR-15 Build Kits will be available only on Black Friday!
Make this an AR15 Black Friday that you won't forget!


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