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Since 2013, we have been working our butts off to bring our customers the best selection of 80% lowers, 80% lower jigs, 80% build kits, lower parts kits and various other AR-15 parts. Throughout the past 12 months, we have had the pleasure of partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry. We personally test every product from every manufacturer before we sell it.

100% Made in the USA

The fact that 100% of our products are made in the USA did not happen by accident. While we could easily increase our margins and profits by partnering with offshore manufacturers, we’re simply not interested. You will never, ever, ever see a product made outside of The United States of America make it into our store. As citizens of the greatest country on Earth, it is our responsibility to support one another and band together to support the 2nd Amendment.

Meet Our Partners

While we are continuously adding additional products and AR-parts to our store, we will try our best to keep this list up-to-date!

80% Arms

80% Arms is located in Orange County, California and is well-known in the industry for providing the highest quality 80% lowers and 80% lower jigs on the market. They are also known for engineering the most universal, user-friendly 80% lower jig ever produced. The leadership of 80% Arms is comprised of Marines with multiple tours who know what is needed when your life is threatened.

Anderson Manufacturing

When we partnered with Anderson Manufacturing, we knew we had stumbled into something special. They have been in operation for over 5 decades providing manufacturing services for the weapon industry. 40% of their workforce is US Veterans who take the utmost pride in building American-made products for hardworking Americans. Based out of Kentucky, Anderson Manufacturing shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!


BLACKHAWK! was founded in 2000 by a Navy SEAL who conceived the company while his gear was failing him in the middle of a minefield. While praying to make it out of the minefield alive, he vowed to create a product line and brand that would stand up against the most enduring, dangerous conditions. From that, BLACKHAWK! was born and continues to operate out of Kansas.

CMMG, Inc.

CMMG is a leading manufacturer of .22LR AR-15 conversion kits, AR-15 rifles and AR accessories. Established in 2003 as a family business as it still remains today, CMMG guarantees its products for the entirety of the product’s life against defects in material or workmanship. CMMG will replace, substitute or repair any of their product(s) if a defect in workmanship or material is found. CMMG is a 100% USA made business.


James Madison Tactical (JMT) is one of the best manufacturers of polymer 80% lower receivers in the world! Based out of Richmond, WA, all of their products are tried, tested and made in the USA.


Headquartered in the biggest, baddest state in the country, Texas, Magpul Industries knows a thing or two about firearms. Magpul has incredible brand recognition across the world and rightfully so. Most notably known for their industry-leading polymer and composite firearm accessories, Magpul is also a major 2nd Amendment advocate who often takes political bull**** head on.


Polymer80 made their name by inventing and engineering the most innovative polymer 80% lower receiver and lower jig system ever created. Polymer80 has proven to us that they are a manufacturer that we can all depend on. They are located in Nevada and all of their products are made in the USA.

Range Tool Co.

The Range Tool Company is a manufacturer of high-quality lower receivers and upper receivers. While they may seem like the “new kids on the block”, their products can compete alongside the best of em’! All of their products are manufactured in their shop in Northern Minnesota.

Tactical Machining

Tactical Machining is one mean, lean manufacturer. While their products are some of the most affordable in the industry, that does not mean quality has been compromised. Their products have quickly become some of our best sellers and working with them has been an absolute pleasure. Based out of Deland, Florida since being founded in 2008, their workmanship and continuously expanding product-line is going to continue to propel their business.

Night Vision Scope Co.


Night Vision Scope Co. is an awesome source for purchasing the perfect night vision scope for your AR-15.  Based out of Indianapolis, IN, they bring the highest quality night vision scopes at the most affordable products.  Here is their recommendation for the best AR 15 Night Vision Scope.


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