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  • Midwest Industries Muzzle Brake for AR Rifles

    Midwest Industries Muzzle Brake for AR Rifles

    If managing recoil for your AR is your primary concern, you'll want a muzzle brake that does the utmost to mitigate it. The Midwest Industries Muzzle Brake does just that. Throw compensation and hiding your flash to the wind, and get the most recoil...

  • Midwest Industries 2-Chamber Muzzle Brake Midwest Industries 2-Chamber Muzzle Brake

    Midwest Industries 2-Chamber Muzzle Brake

    The AR-15's A2 "birdcage" flash hider really is a great design. It dissipates expelled gas, usually in five directions, pointed in several upward and side-facing paths. It keeps your visual path to the target clear, so you can quickly re-level your aim...

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Reduce felt recoil and enjoy better shot groupings. Invest in a muzzle brake.

The AR platform already manages recoil well enough, but there's always room for improvement, That's especially true if you're chambering a heavy 300 Blackout, fast and powerful 6.5 Grendel, or even a short-barreled 9mm that produces a surprising amount of juice. We're excited to offer up a quality selection of recoil-reducing, accuracy-enhancing AR-15 muzzle brakes for your rifle or pistol, threaded for the standard 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 (5.56/.223 and .308) barrel threads.

What, exactly, is a muzzle brake?

Excellent question: A muzzle brake gets its name quite literally: It "brakes" your rifle or pistol, diverting gas expelled at the muzzle in order to act as a counter force against the recoil being transferred into the bolt and buffer tube and, ultimately, you the shooter. This is accomplished by directing spent gasses through large ports or vents on either side of the barrel. The Midwest Industries Muzzle Brake illustrates this well. A muzzle brake is entirely different from a flash suppressor and compensator.

What about compensators?

A compensator is made to improve your accuracy downrange. While a muzzle brake will ultimately help with accuracy by reducing felt recoil and improving your confidence and handling, a compensator physically prevents the muzzle from rising off-target with each trigger pull. This is a simple, almost-guaranteed way to enhance your shot groupings and accuracy downrange. Compensators can also help with reducing felt recoil to some degree, like a muzzle brake.

Affordably improve your accuracy downrange

Barrels, triggers, and other upgrades made to increase accuracy can get expensive, especially if you're investing in something like an adjustable trigger or match-grade barrel. But for a fraction of the price, you can install a muzzle brake or compensator and achieve similar results. By reducing felt recoil and physically keeping the barrel on target more effectively, a brake or comp provides better accuracy. A brake is one of the best investments for new shooters, who tend to focus on recoil and even flinch with each trigger pull. It's not embarrassing, it's simply a habit that needs to be overcome. A muzzle brake can help.

High-Performance Muzzle Devices from Top Brands

We've partnered with Aero Precision, Midwest Industries, Rise Armament, Fortis, Troy, and other top muzzle brake and compensator makers to provide a huge selection of high-performance brakes and compensators that will improve your shot game. It only makes sense to invest in a muzzle device on the business end of your AR: They're incredibly easy to install, they can be swapped out easily, and they're one of the most affordable ways to improve control and accuracy.

Specs & Features

  • Available in 5/8x24 and 1/2x28 threads
  • Devices are compatible with all our AR kits
  • Matte black, heat-treated finishes for durability
  • Easy thread-on/thread-off options require no pins
  • Devices work with 5.56./223, 300 BLK, Grendel, 308 and Creedmoor barrels

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