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Quality, affordable AR-15 gunsmithing tools, cleaning kits, range bags, cases and gear.

Building your AR and keeping it clean means setting up shop. We've sourced what we found to be, through direct experience building and maintaining our own black rifles, the best (affordable) selection of AR-15 gunsmithing tools and cleaning components. Whether it's a full Armorer's Kit for assembling your first AR, or a simple rod-and-patch kit for keeping your rifling protected after shooting, these are the components you need to be a true custom AR builder and owner.

Tools Required for Assembling an AR-15

Generally, you'll need a selection of particular "specialty" hand tools to assemble an AR-15 parts kit and stripped lower receiver. If you want to assemble a custom barreled upper assembly using a stripped upper receiver, the same rules apply. We discuss the parts and tools required for this project in our AR-15 build series (check out our LPK install video here, where we go into these tools in detail). Tools required for building an AR from scratch include:

Keeping Your AR Clean

A decent .223/5.56 cleaning kit is critical for any AR owner. Even a single 30-rounder of spent ammo means a lot of carbon build-up in your upper and lower receivers, bolt, and barrel. You'll need to swab the internals of your AR to keep it protected from excessive wear and damage over time. The Pro Cleaning Kit provides a proper brass bore brush with bristles, cleaning patches, and the extra tools (pick and brush) you'll need to dig out that built-up carbon and fouling from your star chamber, bolt, and fire control group. 

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