GLOCK® Compatible 80% Frame

GLOCK® Compatible 80% Frame

It's no secret GLOCK® reigns supreme as one of the world's most popular pistol platforms. Between a plethora of calibers, endorsement by militaries and law enforcement across the globe, and endless configurations for sport, defense, carry, and plinking, there's a GLOCK® handgun for everybody. But what if you could build a truly custom GLOCK®-compatible handgun with the same, exact specifications, dimensions, features, and performance for less? That's exactly what you'll get with one of these GLOCK®-compatible 80% frame kits. 

80% Frame, Jig & Tooling Included

Each 80% frame kit conveniently includes the required drill bits and components for drilling your frame blank and making it ready for final assembly. The provided jig is perfect for veterans and first-time builders, showing you where to cut and drill the frame without any measurements or special calculations required.

All you need is a few hand tools:

  • Handheld drill
  • Bench-top vise
  • Dremel, snips, or files
  • *Drill press (optional)

*The frame can be easily cut and finished with snips, and flat and round hand files, though each kit includes an HSS end mill. Unlike aluminum 80% lowers, you can safely cut the polymer 80% frame by gently milling with a drill press and the end mill.

Read detailed written and visual instructions to see how to cut and drill your 80% frame.

Each Frame and Jig Kit includes:

  • (1) GLOCK®-compatible 80% frame
  • (1) Finishing jig with pre-drilled holes
  • (1) Set of drill bits for drilling frame blank
  • (1) Stainless steel locking block rail system
  • (1) Stainless steel drop-in rear rail module
  • (1) Blank serialization plate (if required in your state)

Kit Configurations & GLOCK® Compatibility

With your frame fabricated and both the rail system and rear rail module installed, all that's left is to pair up your frame with your favorite GLOCK components. All available 80% frame maintain the same fittings and size specifications, ensuring retail parts compatibility. To ensure you're pairing the right frame blank with your favorite GLOCK model, reference the compatibility list below:

  • PF940C is compatible with G19, G23, and G32
  • PF940v2 is compatible with G17, G22, G24, G31, G34, and G35
  • PF940SC is compatible with G26, G27

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