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Billet 80 Lower Jig Kit

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Billet 80 Lower Jig Kit

Our Billet 80 Lower Jig Kit is the perfect kit for amateur or advanced AR 15 builders, alike. These Billet 80 Lower Jig Kits are perfect because they come with every piece of equipment you need including; 80 percent lowers, an 80 lower Jig, and the required drill bits (tooling). A Billet 80 Lower Jig Kit is the fastest and easiest way for you to get everything you are going to need to complete an 80 lower sent directly to your door in a single, discreet box!

A Billet 80 Percent Lower has unparalleled strength and tolerances. “Billet” simply refers to the machining process the lower receiver underwent to become the 80 percent lower you see today. Billet is a manufacturing process that starts with a solid block of aluminum and is machined into shape using a CNC machine. Due to the extreme precision that a CNC machine allows, a Billet 80 Percent Lower has more aesthetics, as well as finer detailing and cuts than a forged 80 percent lower.

Our 80 Lower Jigs were designed to cater to beginners and enthusiasts, alike. For the beginner AR 15 or AR 10 builder, our jigs come with a printed out instruction manual. We also have how-to video tutorials available on our YouTube channel and website. The jigs have built-in fail-proof mechanisms for the most common missteps to prevent you from ruining your 80 percenter. A Billet 80 Lower Jig Kit combines the durability of a forged 80 percent lower and the dependability of our best 80 lower jig in one kit!


No FFL Required
– 100% Milspec
– Billet 7075-T6 Aluminum
– Available in Raw or Anodized Black
– FIRE/SAFE Marked Option Available
– Re-Useable AR-15 Jig (20+ 80% Lowers)
– Never Buy Another Jig Again – Replaceable Plates
– Built-in Fail Point Safeguards
– AR-15 Jig Comes with Instructions
Made in the USA

Your build awaits you.


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