AR15 Jig

AR15 Jig

The AR15 Jig is the Swiss army knife for any AR-15 builder. These AR-15 80 lower jigs are only the best of the tried-and-true jigs in the entire marketplace. Starting with a quality AR15 Jig will pay dividends since you can complete 20+ 80% lowers without having to replace a single component of the jig, itself. Investing in a high-quality jig the first time will allow you focus on completing lowers and AR-15 Build Kits.

Our AR15 Jigs are essentially dummy-proof and come with a printed out instruction manual. While the process of milling out your own 80 lower receiver can seem daunting, it can actually be completed using just a few tools alongside your AR15 Jig (a hand drill, drill press (optional), drill and end mills bits, and a laminate router) in a single afternoon. For first time builders, it usually takes 3-4 hours to finish their first 80% lower with one of our AR15 Jigs. After you have your first milled out lower under your belt, you can be knocking them out in less than 2 hours! After your lower is finished, all you have left is installing your lower parts kit and attaching your upper assembly. It’s really that easy.


- No FFL Required
- Re-Useable (20+ times)
- Comes Complete with Step-by-Step Instructions
- Video Tutorials Available
- Made in the USA

Your build awaits you.



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