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AR 15 Magazine Loader

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AR 15 Magazine Loader

Face it, it’s a helluva lot of fun dumping 30 rounds as fast as you can at the range – but it’s a lot less enjoyable cutting up your fingers and thumbs loading those magazines back up. Enter from left the AR 15 Magazine Loader – the finger saver, the time-cutter, the let’s-get-to-the-range-quicker machine.

Even old USGI STANAGs can be a pain trying to reload, and those aluminum lips are no friends to fresh meat. Newer P-Mags and anything new on the market feature springs that are tough to compress – making reloading even tougher. Stop killing time and using up band-aids and invest in an AR 15 Magazine Loader!

These nifty little machines turn 5 minutes of reloading a 30-rounder into a few seconds’ worth of work. Our AR 15 Magazine Loaders take little guesswork or effort. Just plop your rounds into the holster, line up and secure your empty magazine to the unit, operate the lever, and you’re set! These are great for ensuring you’re at 30 rounds (not over or under), they help preserve your magazine springs by reducing the risk of over-loading to 31, and they ensure your magazine follower and rounds are nice and smooth when it’s time to dump some lead.

AR 15 Magazine Loader Features:

– Prevents Hand Fatigue
– Loads 30 Rounds in Less Than 30 Seconds
Made in the USA

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