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80 Percent Lower Receiver for Sale

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80 Percent Lower Receiver for Sale

We’re pleased to announce a lineup of quality, precision-machined 80 percent lower receivers for sale! Each of our 80 percent lowers features a forged 7075 T6 or billet 6061 T6 construction, with “FIRE/SAFE” markings pre-engraved for your safety and convenience. The 80 percent lower is the root of the at-home AR 15 builder’s project. Once machined, your 80 percent lower is the only piece of your rifle or pistol that’s legally considered a firearm.

The best part about each 80 percent lower receiver for sale is it’s not considered a firearm! Until you machine your 80 lower into a finished receiver, this hunk of aluminum is just that – a simple piece of metal. It’s 100% legal to buy and have shipped straight to your front door. What’s more, it’s 100% legal to own in all 50 states.

The end result is an easy way to safely build your own AR 15 in the comfort of your home using nothing more than basic hand tools, some convenient instructions (available right here!), and a bit of patience. Finishing your own 80 percent lower receiver is easier than you think, thanks to our lineup of no-guesswork 80% lower jigs and jig kits. Each 80 percent lower receiver is for sale at a great price, so grab one and get to building!

Each 80 Percent Lower Receiver for Sale is:

  • 100% legal to own in all fifty states!
  • Requires no FFL transfer or paperwork!
  • Is not considered a firearm under federal law
  • Comes with in 7075 forged or 6061 billet aluminum
  • Is pre-threaded and/or pre-engraved with “FIRE/SAFE”
  • Can be finished in under an hour, it’s 80% complete!


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