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80 Percent Lower Easy Jig

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80 Percent Lower Easy Jig

The 80 Percent Lower Easy Jig is one of the most popular, proven, and capable 80% lower jigs available here, and on the market itself. This unique 80 percent lower jig from 80% Arms comes with all the features you’d want, whether you’re a first-time builder or veteran. The result is an 80% lower jig that lets you turn a hunk of metal into a functioning AR 15 lower receiver in about 30 minutes to an hour – all using a basic router you can buy at the lower hardware store!

The 80 percent lower Easy Jig is reusable, too, and you’ll appreciate this fact once you realize how easy it is to finish an 80 lower into a legal firearm without any red tape, fees, paperwork, or waiting. Our 80 percent lowers are 100% legal to ship to your front door, too.

The 80 percent lower Easy Jig comes with all drill bits and end mill bits you need to machine your lower. Also included is a video tutorial to take out all the guesswork, so you know you’re doing it right every time with a simple visual aid. The 80 percent lower Easy Jig is 100% legal to own in all 50 states, no FFL license or paperwork required.

Why the 80 Percent Lower Easy Jig:

  • Universal, works with all standard 80% lowers
  • Pair with a rifle or pistol kit to build a functional firearm!
  • Requires no FFL paperwork or transfer to build a lower!
  • 100% legal to own and use in all 50 states, no FFL required
  • Weighs 7 pounds with hardened steel, providing sturdy base
  • No assembly or disassembly required, just throw in the lower!
  • Includes drill bits, end mill bits, and video tutorial
  • Reusable with individually replaceable parts!


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